Best 8 Inch Bench Grinder Reviews – Delta/DeWalt/Baldor

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DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder

👍 Distance between the wheels-12 ½ inch
👍 The total length of bench grinder-16 inch
👍 Total weight of Bench Grinder-39.5 pounds
👍 Rpm of induction motor-3600, HP-3/4

DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable

👍 The diameter of the shaft- 5/8 inch
👍 The diameter of the wheel- 8 in.
👍 Diameter is 1 inch thick
👍 Total weight of Bench Grinder-44 pounds
👍 Rpm of induction motor-2000 to 3400 rpm (variable)
👍 The wheel grit diameter is 36 and 60 respectively.
👍 Cord Length: 6 feet
👍 Assembled Depth: 11 inches.
👍 The total assembled width of the bench grinder is 16 ½ inch.
👍 Assembled Height of the bench grinder is 12 ½ inch(excluding the light).
👍 The Dimension of Base is 7 1/2 inch. Depth x9 3/4inch.

Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable

Baldor 8 Inch Bench Grinder

👍 Horsepower-3/4 hp or 0.75hp
👍 No of phases-1 ph
👍 Speed -3600rpm
👍 Rated voltage-115/230v
👍 Rated amperage-4.8/2.4A,frequency-60 Hz
👍 No of poles-2
👍 The diameter of grinding wheel-8 inch
👍 Grinding wheel width-1 inch
👍 Shaft diameter-3/4th inch

Baldor 8 Inch Bench Grinder

DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder


The Dewalt DW758 8 inch Bench Grinder has a very powerful ¾ HP (horse Power)motor. The motor spins 3600rpm which is very good and reliable for a bench grinder. The motor it has is of induction type which indicates it has good efficiency for material removal.

The manufacturer claims that the heavy duty Dewalt DW758 8 inch Bench Grinder is suitable for all kinds of grinding operations ranging from sharpening tools, rust removal, shaping parts and cleaning objects.

The distance between the wheels is mentioned to be 12 ½ inch which facilitates larger and longer grinding operations and the adjustable aluminum tool rest allows the user to position the work-piece with accuracy. The rear exhaust ports provided in the wheel guard of bench grinder provides very smooth operation.

The Dewalt Bench Grinder is made from the high quality rugged iron casting base which gives an advantage of very high durability and prolongs life. Despite being priced low from the other bench grinders it can be used even in large scale grinding applications which makes it stand out of these three Bench Grinders. Great price of the Dewalt DW758 8″ Bench grinder and better reliability makes it the Amazon choice and best selling Bench Grinder.


Backed by 3-year Limited warranty with 1-year free service.


  1. Variable speed control 2000-3400rpm.
  2. Made from high-quality casting.
  3. High Rpm which facilitates faster work.
  4. 36 and 60 grit wheels are provided in the box.
  5. Safety material is provided in the box.
  6. Backed by Amazon return protection this promotes easy replacement in case of damaged product received.
  7. The light is provided to facilitate better viewing.


  1. The main problem with it is the excessive vibration which may cause the motor to be worn out.
  2. As this product is very cheap there is a compromise on built quality.


The Dewalt DW758 is a budget-friendly bench grinder with a slight vibration problem. but if you are tight on a budget there is no better choice and most people have liked it is rated 4.2*(star)on Amazon which means its reliable and in case of problems warranty comes handy so highly recommend for it.

Delta Power Tools 23-197 8-Inch Variable


The Delta 23-197 (8 inch) Bench Grinder is very powerful and you can do a lot with it. This bench grinder is said to be perfect for wood works like smoothing edges or counters, repairing worn-out tools and many more. This Delta Bench Grinder draws 5 amperes of current. taking the advantage of high-speed current it is easily able to spin with rpm as high as 3000.

This bench grinder 8 inch support a range controller which is able to control the spinning speed from 2000 t0 3400 RPM which is very useful as it provides complete control to the user. The speed control makes it stand out from other bench grinders available in the market and also makes it one of the best. The variable speed control is present in the front of the bench grinder which facilitates easy access while carrying out the work.

It comes with 36 and 60 grit wheels provided in the box or if your requirement differs you can order different sets from the manufacturer, the bench grinder it’s made of very sturdy and durable material and the cast which camps the motor is also of high quality. The metal base provided easily mounts to your bench, thanks to its good weight of 44 pounds the bench grinder stays in its intact position.

Both of the wheels are completely adjustable which comes very handy in changing grit lengths. This grinder is provided with water to dip the materials which allow the user to work on it for a large period of time. It has a light provided which allows you to see what you are doing with better viewing. If you buy this product from Amazon there will be no problem in returning if the product doesn’t work as expected.


Backed by 5-year Limited warranty and 2 years for accessories.


  1. Cost effective and budget friendly
  2. Made from high quality cast iron.
  3. High Rpm which facilitates faster work.
  4. 36 and 60 grit wheels are provided in the box.
  5. Safety material is provided in the box.
  6. Backed by Amazon return protection this promotes easy replacement in case of damaged product received.


  1. The grinding wheels are of the low quality of stamped metal.
  2. Slight wobbling and vibration also exist in this bench grinder.


The The Delta 23 197 variable speed bench grinder is a good product.   It has an advantage of variable speed control, unlike the Dewalt dw578 which had fixed speed. It also has a provided light which can be mounted for better workplace viewing. We would recommend this over dewalt dw578. variable speed bench grinder is a good product.   It has an advantage of variable speed control, unlike the Dewalt dw578 which had fixed speed. It also has a provided light which can be mounted for better workplace viewing. We would recommend this over dewalt dw578.

Baldor 8 Inch Bench Grinder


The  Baldor Bench Grinder by the Baldor Electric Company is a target for an industry-specific high skilled craftsman. The built quality of the bench grinder is absolutely stunning it is made of the highest quality of iron. This bench grinder is for large scale industries and for users who do not compromise on the quality and build and want an excellent bench grinder with the lowest vibration.

The bench grinder can easily last for many years nevertheless also backed by the manufacturer warranty in case of any damage. Unlike other bench grinders, it consists of a wire wheel and a grit wheel. It is equipped with two washers to cool down the bench grinder and for removing the particles stuck in it. The rated hp of the motor 0.75 HP. The motor spins with a fixed 3600 RPM.

It works on 1 phase 60 Hz supply. It is equipped with eye shields and spark deflectors to protect the user from the sparks produced when working with metals, the length of the provided cord is 8 ft which is good enough length. The rated amperage is around 4.8/2.4A. The shaft diameter of the bench grinder is 0.750 in and the diameter of the wheel is 8.0 in the bench grinder weights around 97 lbs which is a considerable heavyweight. It provides the user with low vibration while working.

The 8 bench grinder attaches to a bench perfectly thanks to the provided attachment. Grinders are used for debarring, sharpening and shaping parts and tools. They are typically used for aggressive removal of material and are used with vitrified grinding wheels. Single-phase refers to one phase line (coil) that connects to and runs voltage through the motor. Single phase lines are not as efficient as three-phase motors. The rated voltage for this bench grinder is 115/230V.

The user is provided with 36 and 40 grit and wire grills but the user can change and use different grits according to his requirement. This bench grinder is for industrial use if any user wants it for small scale use it is recommended that he goes through the provided manually very carefully and to supply the bench grinder with the rated voltage. Fluctuations in the supplied voltage may lead to the burning of motor replacing it is a very costly affair. The wire wheels are to be cleaned after the use to facilitate a longer life of the bench grinder.


  1. It has high quality and better durability.
  2. Wire wheel and grit wheels are provided.


  1. It is designed as to give the user highest precision and quality
  2. High price of the bench grinder, not a budget friendly machine.
  3. High maintenance costs, costly attachments.


The 8250W Baldor Electric Company Bench Grinder is an high end bench grinder for industry specific applications when a user requires high precision. It is an expensive product. If costly attachment does not bother you then you can go for this product you won’t be disappointed by its great performance and long life
If price is not your concern then you should go with Baldor 8250W Bench Grinder else we suggest  the delta 23 197 bench grinder to our most esteemed readers.

Why 8 Inch Bench Grinder?

8 Inch Bench Grinder is a very useful tool when it comes to polishing, shaping, cleaning and removing rust from any metal. It consists of two wheels powered by a high torque and high speed motor. One wheel of the Best 8 Inch Bench Grinder is coarse (rough) and the other is fine wheel.

The coarse wheel is used when finish is not important but rapid removal of wastage is important. The fine wheel is used when there is a need of high precision involved. In order to protect the user from injuries due to spark the two wheels of the bench grinder are equipped with spark deflectors and eye shields.

The torque of the motor is very high which provides an advantage to use Bench Grinders with harder metals like titanium and iron.

Features of Best Bench Grinders-

  1. Great for sharpening various tools.
  2. Easy handling and user friendly.
  3. Cutting edge precision and quality.
  4. Effective safety features.

Bench Grinder Uses-

  1. Bench Grinders are widely used in small scale workshops thanks to their variety of applications and budget friendly price.
  2. Bench Grinders Uses are in removing rust from metals, sharpening worn out tools,
  3. Bench Grinders are used in wood works polishing and shaping wood to be further used in furniture industry.
  4. Bench Grinders find their major application in making raw metals to a useful tool.

Best 8 Inch Bench Grinders Reviews (In The Market)-

The market today offers different Bench Grinders to choose from and buyer often gets confused which one to go for. So in these post we will give you a clear idea and overview of Best bench grinder in market. After reading the complete post you will get a clear idea which bench grinder is best for you to use wioth best Bench Grinder Reviews.

We have Shortlisted three (8 inch) Bench Grinder according to their application (Small scale shop use, large scale workshop use, industrial use)

  • DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder.
  • DELTA POWER TOOLS 23 197 variable speed Bench Grinder.
  • Baldor electrical company 8250W 8 inch Bench Grinder.

<strong>What is the best 8 inch bench grinder?</strong>

If budget is not your concern then 8250W Baldor Electric Company Bench Grinder is the best choice. Else you go with delta 23 197 bench grinder.

<strong>Can I use a bench grinder for wood?</strong>

Yes, but be sure to clean the clogged wood particles.

<strong>What is a bench grinder good for?</strong>

It is good for changing shape, sharpening, polishing and clean just about any metal object.

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