Best Woodworking Bench Vise Reviews – Yost/Grizzly/Capri/Milling Vise

What is a Bench vise?

A Bench Vise is an automated device that is used by carpenters to grip a workpiece in place. It is an essential tool for many woodworking users. The bench vises are attached directly with a workbench to hold the workpiece throughout the processes of planning, sawing, and drilling.

Functions of a Bench vise

The purpose of vice is to hold something tightly. This is accomplished by having two jaws that can be brought together with increasing force gently and then sealed into position. This must be done without damaging the item you are holding. It is also vital that the vice maintains a still object while it is being worked and that is the reason why the vices are fixed on the benches.

Benefits of using a Woodworking Bench vise

The advantages of a bench vise are grip and stability. The grip is very vital that at times stability is sacrificed, as in the voice of the hand. This is a small transportable device that is only to provide a grip on tiny slippery things. The grip of the handholds the object and the worker clutches the grip of the hand. The constancy factor is exactly why most vices are attached to the benches.

There are many options for buying a woodworking bench vise in the market or even online. The bench vise should be of a good brand; durable, efficient, in the good price range, must have the swivel base, and other factors such as jaw width and openings should be taken into account. You’ll see many options for the same, but the best bench vise is listed below. Some of the over-the-counter revisions of best bench vise reviews are made and this will be a complete guide for you if you plan to buy it for yourself.

1: Yost Vise FSV 4 Inch; Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base

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The Yost Vises series are built with 90,000 PSI forged tensile strength (54,000 psi). In Woodworking Yost Vise FSV 4 inches, a line is the only forged steel line delivered with a replaceable driver and pipe jaws.

Adjustable hardened sliding guides for smooth and precise operation. The durable powder coating offers a professional finish that helps prevent damage caused by the weather. The forged steel base has two blocks for a tight grip.


Some of the features and specifications of this defect are:

  • The 360 ​​° rotating base regulates the direction of the jaws for correct positioning and locks in position
  • Body in forged steel with a powder finish that offers resistance to atmospheric agents and a flat portion that acts as an anvil and additional workspace
  • The jaws and jaws of the upper tubes are made of hardened steel, are grooved for a better grip and can be replaced once worn
  • Guide rails are adjusted to counter wear and restore accuracy The bench vise with swivel base has a jaw width of 4 “and a tube capacity of 0.5” – 2 “- diameter to provide locking action for heavy-duty applications.


Some of the advantages of Yost Vises FSV 4 inch; heavy-duty is:

  • The workmanship seemed well done
  • The vice was well lubricated
  • The measurement is adequate
  • The finish is excellent
  • The anvil is large.
  • The vice is solidly constructed


Some of the disadvantages of Yost Vises FSV 4 inch; heavy-duty is:

  • Its color may not be accepted by everyone.
  • Jaws do not line up (sometimes).


Yost Vise FSV 4 inches; Heavy-duty forged steel bench vice with a 360-degree swivel base is one of the best bench vises that can be obtained for heavy applications.

It is the only artificial steel bench which has replaceable driver and pipe jaws. If you want the best bench vise for you then don’t look for other products select this Yost suit for you. It will surely be your one-time investment.

2: Grizzly Vise G7062 Multi-Purpose 5 Inch Bench Vise

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Grizzly Industrial produces machinery and accessories for woodworking and metalworking. The woodworking machines consist of band saws, joints, band saws, planers, column drills, bench vise, dust collectors, shaper, belt sanders, etc. The company trades its products via retail, mail order and even internet channels, as well as directly to customers.

Grizzly G7062 is a multi-purpose bench vise and literally does it all. Its jaw rotates 360 degrees for unlimited positioning of the piece and keeps the stock flat and the circular stock with the jaws of the embedded pip. Basic swivels for greater versatility and also an anvil face to complete the whole. The device weighs 50 pounds.


The detailed features and specifications of the Grizzly G7062 multipurpose are discussed below:

1) The jaw rotates 360 degrees – This multi-purpose table clamp rotates the jaw 360 degrees for unlimited positioning of the piece and keeps the stock flat and stock round with.

2) Basic swivels give versatility – Swivels give flexibility. The thumb present on it offers an even iron contrast.

3) Well constructed and attractive – This device weighs 50 pounds, with a 9 x 18 x 9-inch measurement and needs no battery. In overall, the Grizzly G7062 is durable, well-constructed and attractive.

4) Offers an unrestricted working position – The Grizzly G7062 bench vise is an incredible bench vise that is defensible, regardless of all the difficulties, it offers boundless work positions by its 360-degree jaw.

5) Exceptional construction quality – It is produced using solid materials and is considered as another particular work of art, which has been focused on the creation and definition of long-term economically effective tools.


Some of the advantages of Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5 inch Bench Vise are:

  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Well-made and looks amazing
  • Multipurpose vice.
  • Very hard constituents are used to build it.
  • The warranty period is limited.


  • The disadvantages of Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5 inch Bench Vise are:
  • It is very heavy (50Lbs) which creates a problem.


People, who are woodworkers or carpenters, will appreciate the device while using it. If you are finding a simple, all-rounder, and low maintenance bench vise, the Grizzly G7062 Bench Vise is the one for you which has the best efficiency at this price tag.

This bench vise is a wonderful highlight, like none other vises, would ever ensure. The jaws clear the bottom of the base. This makes it an awesome benefit and permits all work to occur around it.

3: Capri Tools 10519 Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise, 6 Inch

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Capri tools are a great option for imported impact sockets, pneumatic tools, and more. Most of their tools come from Taiwan (if not all). Capri instruments come with a lifetime warranty and are based in California with real customer service representatives.

Capri Tools 10519 Swivel base and bench head, 6 inches is used for all kinds of metals, saws, woodworking, pipes, drilling, and pasting stuff together! It weighs 57.2 pounds. It has the ability to boast 6,600 pounds. This bench vise is designed for more diverse jobs with the base and head rotating 360 degrees for greater customization.

The head can be locked in 12 fixed points, each within 30 degrees, and the base is easy to position and lock the jaws wherever it is needed. Heavy-duty ductile iron (60,000 psi) is extraordinarily robust and can perform medium-level applications without problems. Capri vise 10-year warranty is included to give you peace of mind and assurance.


The detailed specifications are listed as under:

  • Made of durable spheroidal cast iron (60,000 psi) and boasts 6,600 pounds. of clamping force
  • Contains 6 “jaws, 5.7” jaw opening and 4.2 “throat depth
  • The head rotates 360 degrees and can be locked in 12-point w / pull-pin, each within 30 degrees
  • The base rotates 360 degrees and makes it easy to position and lock the jaws where needed
  • Includes a 10-year warranty


Some of the advantages of Capri vise 10519 Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise, 6 inches are:

  • 10 good long years of warranty.
  • This vise has the best Rotating.
  • Ductile iron makes it very strong.
  • Can be rotated as in any direction comfortably.


Some of the disadvantages of Capri vise 10519 Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise, 6 inches are:

  • Price is high due to which many people have to think despite its long warranty and strength.
  • Dirt gets adhered on the body too early.
  • Cleaning takes time.
  • Weight is more therefore difficult to carry (57.2 pounds).


People, who are artisans or carpenters, or those who have a passion for this art, can work miracles with Capri vise 10519. If you are searching for an advanced vice and low maintenance bench vise, the Capri Tools 10519 Vise is the one for you. It is a one-time investment and requires very low maintenance.

The price is high due to this factor. Heavy ductile iron makes it expensive. The guarantee is the characteristic that attracts most people. You should definitely opt for this if you are a long-time user. This bench vise is an ultimate package of amazing highlights which makes it different from the rest of the other bench vises.

4: Milling Vise – 360 Degree Swiveling Base

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Milling Vises – The 360-degree swivel base is also one of the best clamps that use very high-quality ductile cast iron 80000 PSI for the slightest bending. The guide screw and sliding surface included are hardened and ground. The holding force is maximum, very exact and durable.

This vice is designed in such a manner that the horizontal force produced by the clamping of the handle thrusts the hemisphere inside the portable jaw and then pushes the portable jaw downwards. Four jaw plate positioning positions are available, which widen the jaw plate opening.


The specifications of Milling Vises – 360 Degree Swiveling Base are:

  • Acme screws and scales at 0-360 degrees easy to read
  • Premium quality rotary links are equipped with perfectly aligned precision jaws
  • Made of spheroidal cast iron of very high quality 80000 PSI for a minimum curvature
  • Designed so that the horizontal force pushes the jaws down, keeping your piece in the right place
  • Only the HFS brand (Tm)
  • Weight – 46 pounds / 21 kg


Some of the advantages of Milling Vises – 360 Degree Swiveling Base are:

  • Serves for minimal flexion due to ductile iron.
  • The clamping power is very precise and durable
  • The workplace does not rise.
  • Good investment at this price.
  • Suitable for light milling jobs


Some of the disadvantages of Milling Vise – 360 Degree Swiveling Base are:

  • Many people have reported that T-bolts are of very poor quality.
  • Jaw deflection is less.
  • It cannot do heavy milling jobs.


In summing up, Milling Vise – 360 Degree Swiveling Base is the best investment that you can get for light-duty applications. It is the only vise that has such a high-quality ductile Iron for minimum bending.

If you are planning to purchase a bench vise, then don’t look for any other tools and simply select this Milling Vise for you. It will definitely be your good decision as this vise is durable and efficient at this price tag.

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