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The home security camera system is best known for its spying work. The Cctv or Surveillance system is best known to the people who are busy & has a daily working shift, but as we all know, children & pets are also important to us. Here, comes the Camera which tells all the movement happening in the home & also has a voice command feature so that people can give a quick message from anywhere 

FullHD 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom – Best Rated Smart App, Work with Alexa – Wireless IP Indoor Surveillance System


Product Overview-In everyday life people are more and more fond of modern technologies; this Home Security Camera plays the leading role in advanced technology. The image quality is incredible; it has a standard & high resolution which scales the image.

Standard resolution is beneficial for recording more video hours on a memory card. The night mode is switched automatically in low light conditions. The surveillance camera’s speaker is amazingly good & it is very convenient & comfortable to use.
Home Security Camera can control everything in the house such as cameras, plugs, sensors, and all-electric appliances. All you need is just the Internet and your device. We need an app and our finger, that’s all, everything is in one touch that can be controlled using your mobile device.

Your house can be dependent on this surveillance system. I strongly recommend this camera to everybody. You won’t regret it. It’s the best purchase. 


Item Model No. 5823836292
Item Weight 2.17 Kg
Product dimensions 3.8×3.9×4.8 inches
Shipping Weight 0.4 Kg
Resolution 1920×1080



  1. Built-in Alexa for voice command 
  2. Enhanced night vision 
  3. The Camera has 1080P resolution
  4. Contains Auto-Cruise mode
  5. 5.Can be installed anywhere


  1. Motions are not detected properly
  2. Pairing takes time to wifi & Bluetooth
  3. Camera reboots again & again
  4. Company service is not that great
  5. Does not have Pc/Mac application


The Morelli FHD22 Wifi Home Security Camera installs easily & configured easily Installation was easy and without problems. The Internet connection established via WLAN ( Wi-Fi ) or LAN ( Ethernet ). The application can be downloaded and follow the instructions from the manual to quickly connect. There were no error messages, and no specialized technical knowledge was required.

Picture quality:
The image quality is excellent. It has two levels of resolution (standard and high) and the ability to scale. Standard resolution is very beneficial for recording more video hours on a memory card. The camera automatically switches to night mode in low light conditions, which happens with the click sound.

Sound: In the Smart Life app, Life has a button, by clicking on which you can hear what is happening at the place where the camera is located. The application has another button where you can talk. The speaker is amazingly good. Conversations are also possible.

Application quality: Download, create a free account and set up your camera quickly and easily. The application is precise; there is everything you need; it works very well. You can move the camera 355 degrees left / right and 155 degrees up / down.

Video / photo recording:
You can record live on your mobile phone or use a microSD (TF) card or cloud service. Everything works fine.
Results: if you are looking for an inexpensive camera that can be used for various purposes, this is what you need. This is the best Wifi camera I have ever bought.


Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa


Product Reviews- The Cctv surveillance camera is incredible to use. The quality is phenomenal; it is also accessible to set up product. The wireless camera is the ultimate mixture of alerting as well as showing live footage in 1080p, and it’s great. Second, Home Security Camera highly efficient and easy to use.

The installation process takes less than 1 minute each. All you need to set up is WiFi, have the camera plugged into an electrical outlet and the Wyze app downloaded on your phone. It’s easy to move around and comes with a 3M magnet which allows you to place on a wall if you don’t have a magnetic surface.

In terms of the reliability, this product has genuinely blown, you can easily reset the camera remotely from any corner of the world. This camera is so subtle & small in size. The camera feed is reachable only through your iOS or Android app


Item Model No. WYZEC2
Item Weight 1.4Kg
Product dimensions 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight 3.5 Kg
Resolution 1920×1080



  1. 110-degree wide-angle lens
  2. 8x Digital Zoom
  3. Affordable & cheap
  4. Has an alert signal included with it
  5. Works well with Alexa & Google Assistance


  1. Privacy Issues
  2. The recorded alerts are too short
  3. Cctv camera does not have the details of the day of the recording 
  4. Service is not that great
  5. Motion is not right of the camera


Fantastic camera, regardless of the price! 

Each camera comes with a metal plate and some sticky tape which allows you to put this on any flat surface. This is nice since the camera has a magnet on the bottom of the stand.
Updates come out regularly to fix bugs
The two-way audio quality is pretty good.

The WyzeCam uses a micro-USB cable for power and connects to your home router via wifi. Setup is simple & you need a decent wifi signal level at the camera’s location.

Image Quality:
The WyzeCam is nominally an “HD” device(1920×1080), which is fantastic, it has a full 110-degree lens which crams a lot of image area.

The smartphone app lets you select “SD” or “HD” mode; In fact, both methods created snapshots and videos that were the same 1920×1080. Leave it on “SD” to save some storage space and bandwidth.

The camera has a Night Mode that works with four infrared LEDs circling the lens. These provide enough IR illumination to light up a completely dark 200 sq.ft. Room.

Strictly speaking, no SD card is required practically, you should use one. Even a cheap 4GB or 16GB SD card will be useful. If you install an SD card, you can have the WyzeCam record continuously, and the video files will be saved to the SD card. Regardless of whether it’s in SD or HD mode, recordings are 1920×1080, 15 frames per second, and heavily compressed .mp4 files of around 4-6 MB per minute.

Videos are stored in minute-long segments, up to 60 videos per hour. When the SD card fills up, the WyzeCam automatically deletes the oldest videos to make room for newer videos. Very handy to use

When set to send “motion detected” alerts to your phone, the WyzeCam will automatically send you a 12-second clip when motion is detected. The alert videos are stored in the cloud, not the SD card.

Software UI:
The only way to access the WyzeCam Home Security Camera is via a smartphone app. Unfortunately, you can’t access it via an ordinary web browser, nor is there a desktop app. The app’s UI is clunky and not very intuitive. It takes a while to get used to where various settings are.

Full YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Home/Office/Baby/Nanny/Pet Monitor with iOS, Android App – Cloud Service Available

Product Reviews-Wow, The camera is beyond expectation! 

Home Security Camera amazing So easy to set up, the software is very intuitive, and you can do everything from the mobile App. You can get alerts with short video previews which you can then opt to either view or download the entire clip right to your phone.

You can also access ALL of the files on the SD card via the phone app with a beautifully created interface that has a helpful timeline of showing the activity along with thumbnail previews. All of this can be done without paying for their cloud service.

Night Vision is excellent, and the Alert system works terrific. You will be happy to know how useful the software is easy to navigate. It’s also very reliable, and any file is easily accessible and could be shared or saved with one click. The Cctv camera does not have a mounting base at the bottom, so mounting the camera would be a challenge.

The mic is sensitive, and you can hear what’s going on in the room and quickly have a conversation with a person remotely without it dropping out or being hard to understand. This was another impeccable feature. The box contains Yi camera, a user manual, a micro USB cable, a micro Sd card & an adapter


Item Model No. 87025
Item Weight 2.1Kg
Product dimensions 3.1 x 1.3 x 4.5inches
Shipping Weight 4.7 Kg
Resolution 1080p/15 fps



  1. Excellent image quality
  2. Nice alarm notification system
  3. Effortless setup (requires Android or iOS application)
  4. Two-Way Audio
  5. Motion detection is impressible 


  1. Difficult to wall mount. Fixed base, no holes, only one axis of freedom
  2. The interface is laggy
  3. Bad Customer service
  4. Spying of personal information
  5. Closed ecosystem


Yi is a subdivision of Xiaomi that specializes in various types of cameras. They usually make pretty high-quality stuff that packs lots of features at an affordable price point; this product is no exception. It comes well packaged and includes a 6ft micro USB cable and charging adapter. The camera is very stylish and has a clean design. The clarity of the speaker is excellent on the camera.

The YI Home App is very intuitive and guides you step by step. This is a smart camera so it will need to connect to wifi to complete the setup and it will let you know this too. There is also space for an SD card and this is where the camera will store its recorded footage too.

The Cctv surveillance camera has the option to connect to the Yi cloud service for a monthly fee, and this will give you the benefit of viewing and downloading footage wherever you are.

Once you setup the Home Security Camera in your desired place, it gives you two quality options, which are SD & HD, the latter takes more recording space but is more explicit. The attractive feature of the camera is you can speak through the app, and your voice can be heard from the camera.

Home Security Camera built-in mic picks up sound quickly, and this can be heard through your smartphone, there is also the option to disable it. The app itself is immaculate and has a lot of parameters for adjustment, which is great to see in a camera of this price point.

If you are home and your phone and camera are on the same wifi network, you can get a live stream of the footage in addition to that you can also reverse through the app to see if you missed anything. A highly recommended product

Security Camera WiFi IP Camera – KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera with Cloud Storage Two-Way Audio Motion Detection Night Vision Remote Monitoring, Black



Product Overview- The camera is overwhelming!

In addition to easy set-up and configuration Home Security Camera, these cameras have excellent image quality.SD card is available in the camera to store pictures & videos with free web service. The built quality also looks and feels good.

The WiFi connection is stable, and obviously, no batteries required. The picture quality is 720P, which is more explicit. Having a microphone is also a big plus sign, as is the ability to adjust the view with pan and tilt, and it has a broad perspective.

You can move the camera in all directions remotely from your phone. The camera gives you the offer to talk to your pet or baby invisibly using your Camera.


Item Model No. 826
Item Weight 3.5 Kg
Product dimensions 3.3 x 3.3 x 4.7inches
Shipping Weight 0.6 Kg
Resolution 720P



  1. Multiple Device Monitoring Feature
  2. Great video and audio quality.
  3. The app is easy to use, allowing you to use the PTZ functions
  4. Night vision is awesome
  5. Easy to set up


  1. The app is clunky
  2. No turning of IR LED in Night mode
  3. Motion detection irregular and not dependable
  4. Poor File management
  5. Poor tech support


Overall, this camera works excellently for your needs! 

The quality of the Home Security Camera is outstanding. The night vision and motion detection work well. Don’t use this as a security camera to monitor outdoor areas, like the street. The physical & sound quality of the camera is fantastic. The sensitive sounds are captured When controlling the camera & turning, it is so quiet that you can’t also hear it turning. 

A recommended camera for spying pets!

Blurams Dome Pro, 1080p Security Camera with Siren | PTZ Surveillance System with Human/Sound Detection, Person Alerts, Privacy Mode, Night Vision | Cloud/Local StorageAvailable | Works with Alexa


Product Overview- The Home Security Camera build quality is cute; the app is excellent and allows you to set up a schedule of when the cameras arm and disarm automatically. You can also adjust how sensitive the motion sensor is, how long the clip records for, the intensity of the Infrared if it records audio or not.

There is also the ability to watch a live view of the camera, as well as turning off the motion for that particular camera. The sounds of voices are apparent, and the picture quality is perfect, also choose to receive notifications based on when sounds,

motion or a face is detected. Box contains a camera, a user manual, a USB power cable with an adapter & a screw accessory pack.


Item Model No. A30C
Item Weight 6.6 Kg
Product dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches
Shipping Weight 6.6 Kg
Resolution 1080P/15Fps



  1. Stable Software
  2. The price is affordable
  3. Wide angles for the full view
  4. Audio Quality is awesome
  5. Compatible with Android/Mac O.S


  1. Bad Customer service
  2. Spying of personal information
  3. Does not have Pc/Mac application
  4. Motion Detection is weak
  5. File Management is poor


Smart AI Alerts – Featuring smart AI human/sound/motion detection to differentiate human, pet and other moving objects. A 10-15 seconds alert video is recorded automatically & informs you by sending it to your account.

Viewing – Live viewing simultaneously on blurs App, or official web portal is supported.

Local Storage & Cloud – Blurams Cloud provides a continuous recording in the cloud to monitor your house at 24 hours, ensures all recorded video is safe & secure.

Extensive Coverage – The camera gives a 360-degree angle view, which is fantastic.

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