Best BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch

This lightweight Black-decker cordless chainsaw is impressive; it is good to believe, this is actually battery powered. The impressing thing with battery life is appreciated that you can recharge at any time. You’d have been shocked at the speed with which this chainsaw does indeed guzzle oil. One full battery charge uses nearly a half quart of chain lube.

But that’s a small price to pay for enjoying the convenience and capability of this tremendous non-gas engine chainsaw and the saw will handle trees up to 12″ pretty well. When it gets bogged down, it stops, and you need to adjust how hard you’re pushing it and go right back to work. By the way, this is also a nice feature that isn’t used to regular gas-powered chain saws as this saw is more likely to shut down when a gas saw might torque you hard or kick back at you.

Not saying it can’t happen with this one but it is much less likely to occur with this saw than gas-powered saws if you’re not a regular Cordless Chainsaw person but hate to pay a service to knock down some small trees and branches then you should check out this saw. This saw will be perfect for camping. Light, sturdy, and the battery lasts for about an hour’s worth of cutting.

Black-Decker Cordless Chainsaw

The cordless chainsaw is an ideal piece of equipment for the money if you are looking for something for daily use clearing hedges or the like you should probably spend some more money. One of the reasons you want this product is that not having cans of gasoline sitting around. As mentioned, it’s batteries work great so that you will be happy with this aspect.

The Cordless Chainsaw is relatively quiet to operate & easy to use and intuitive. A select knob is provided to clean the sawdust debris & chainsaw comes with a plastic cover to protect the chain when transporting it. The handle is balanced correctly. Battery sold separately.


Reduced-Kickback Guide Bar- The cordless chainsaw contains a small radius tip which reduces the risk of the kickback danger zone

Low-Kickback Chain-The electric Black & Decker Cordless Chainsaw contains a low kickback chain that easily allows the nails of a chainsaw to cut the wood.

Motor Brake – A device used to stop the saw chain when the trigger is released, the motor brake of the chainsaw is an amazing feature as stops the saw in seconds without any delay.

Black Decker Chain Saw Powerhead – The powerhead of the chainsaw is a powerful feature that makes it a great device; it creates about  40 W power supply using batteries.

Drive Sprocket or Sprocket – The toothed part of the saw chain is so pointed that it can tear apart the trees within a couple of seconds

Front Handle – The support handle of the chainsaw is located at the front of the chain saw, which is easy to hold & makes an efficient chainsaw.

Front Hand Guard – A structural barrier is held between the front handle of a chain saw and the guide bar to prevent your hands from danger so that person should have no casualties while using the chainsaw.

Guide Bar –  The chainsaw contains solid railing structure which supports the saw chain

Guide Bar Scabbard – Enclosure is fitted over guide bar to prevent tooth contact when the saw is not in use.

Notching Undercut – The black & Decker cordless chainsaw gives a notch cut in a tree that directs the tree’s fall.

Rear Handle – To give a balanced cut to a tree the support handle is located towards the rear of the saw.

Ribbed Bumper – The LCS1240B uses ribs when felling or bucking to pivot the saw and maintain position while sawing.

Switch Linkage – The motion is transmitted from a trigger to the switch in the cordless electric black & Decker chainsaw.

Switch Lockout – A movable stop provided so that it prevents the unintentional operation


Product Dimensions 28.6 x 9.6 x 8.8 inches
Item Weight 3.2 kg
Item Model No. LCS1240B
Price Rs 7,183
Batteries included No
Batteries Required No
Power Source Battery-Powered
Voltage 40 Volts


  • The automatic chain oiling feature is fantastic, as pain to keep remembering to manually oil is over.
  • There are battery level indicators indicates the charging & discharging of the Chainsaw. That can take from 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the logs tackling the day.
  • The Black & Decker chainsaw gives 2X cutting time with the 40-volt battery.
  • This chainsaw is easy to take apart to clean and maintain and easy to put back together.
  • The black & decker saw is cordless with battery-powered.
  • The chainsaw is very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It cuts through smaller trees and branches quite easily.
  • The chainsaw performs flawlessly and is sturdy.
  • Automatic Lubrication system
  • Proper chain tension balanced without any tool required


  • Fake Chain brake, they just put some plastic on it to look like a chain brake; it serves no purpose except to look like a safer chainsaw.
  • It goes through chain/bar oil like a sieve, leaks chain bar oil if stored with oil in the reservoir
  • Poor battery to motor connection
  • The chain of the saw loses easily
  • Requires frequent re-adjusting of chain
  • This chainsaw is underpowered powered
  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • The chainsaw gives a lot of kickback and just doesn’t cut
  • Recharging of the battery takes up to 2-3 hours to fully recharge which is time taking
  • Costly as compared to other brands


The black & Decker Cordless Chainsaw is relatively useful to remote areas where wood demand is more. Wood is available nearby so gathering, cutting, and splitting most of my firewood. I believe, is the original lithium battery-powered chain saw; this design has some flaws. i.e. there is a larger-than-needed space between the base of the chain bar (where chain enters housing) and the chain spindle cover.

The Black & Decker 40V chainsaw allows more than the usual amount of wood chips to fly inside the housing area and accumulate around chain spindle and chain. Combine this with the somewhat liberal amount of oil the saw gives off, and you have a mess of gummed up wood chips interfering with chain movement.

LCS1240B necessitates all too frequent removal of the housing cover and tedious cleaning out of the spindle-chain area. Also, be sure to empty any remaining chain bar oil from the reservoir after using, as it slowly leaks out and onto whatever surface you set it on making a big mess.

The chain saw tightening mechanism is handy, in that it doesn’t require tools to adjust, BUT it gets out of adjustment quickly. The saw is reasonably useful in cutting, even though the motor rpm is relatively slow if you keep the chain sharp and don’t apply too much pressure when cutting. But, after having this saw for a while, it began stopping suddenly amid a cut.

I finally determined that the area of the saw that holds the battery against the contact points of the motor had started to loosen, causing the engine to stop. Before discovering this, try cleaning the contacts, and that helped, but it didn’t solve the problem.

I now use a small cam buckle strap around the battery and its connection point on the handle. You have to cinch this strap up tightly each time you use it, and strap partially covers the on-off button, a bummer, but still able to use it after some fumbling around. You could probably also get by with a broad, full rubber band or a Bungie for this purpose.

The unit is capable of cutting 8″-10″ or larger logs, with ease, if you don’t force it and take your time. I think, at this point, there are better and more powerful models out there and because of the oil leakage issue. But I’ll have to say; this one had saved the day several times when more massive gasoline chain became temperamental and stopped working.

The Black & Decker electric chainsaw reviews are far better than the other brand. A peaked recommended product for the wood lovers & remotely areas where the woodstove is a necessity.

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