3 Best DeWalt Planer Reviews | DeWalt DW734/DW735/DW735X

Carpentry tools may not be too many but choosing the right one that fulfills your needs whether you are a one-time user or a professional can be really confusing especially when there is a wide range available in the market.

A wood planer cuts and snipes the unleavened cuts on the wood board and is usually used to reduce the thickness of the surface. Dewalt Surface Planer smooth rough edges surfaces or natural flaws in your stock to produce high-quality pieces of the finished product.

Talking of best DeWalt wood planers in the market, there are a few brands that will pop up in your head, for example, DeWalt Planer. This brand offers a range of wood planters that are lightweight and highly efficient to choose from and this article deals with their three models, the DeWalt DW735DeWalt DW735X, and the DeWalt planer dw734.

We will be looking at their features and benefits individually so as to know better what each product offers and then moving on to specifications we will be able to clarify for ourselves the pros and cons of each model. Lastly, a conclusion is given to help consumers make the right choice.

There are many features that overlap and are found in all the three models (for e.g. 15 amp powerful motor that delivers up to 30,000 cuts per minute) but we are going to focus our attention on what sets the models apart as there are some differences between DeWalt planer dw734, DeWalt DW735 and DeWalt DW735X that make one model a better pick than the other and to be honest it actually depends upon your needs.

Nevertheless, all three products reviewed are portable, small enough to fit in the garage, and will serve the purpose of professionals, DIY workers, etc. since they are low cost as well.

1: DeWalt DW734 Best DeWalt Thickness Planer

The DeWalt DW734 12-1/2″ Wood Planer is a powerful 15 Amp motor that helps you to cut through or smoother any sort of wood in no time. It is equipped with Three Knife Cutter-Head with the speed of 10,000 rpm which provides 96 cuts per inch that give the finest perfection in its cutting and helps to manage large and deep cuts in hardwood.

Not to mention, because of this speed, it contributes to giving the wood such a smooth finish that the use of sandpaper becomes unnecessary after this.

Features of DeWalt DW734 Planer

  • This product comes with disposable and reversible knives which is a plus point as it increases the knife life by 30%.
  • Also, the user can change the knives whenever they want in no time and it is quite easier to handle or to swap them out or replace them later on as per the necessitates.
  • Another additional yet brilliant feature is the Four-column carriage lock that drastically reduces the movement that causes snipe and prevents the machinery from moving or shaking that might cause injury to the user.
  • The structure has four columns on all corners that create a stable base to work on thereby, minimizing the chances of the appliance sniping while you cut.
  • This product is built in a way that it can handle different kinds of wood and this is solely possible because of the thickness adjustment given and extra-long in-feed and out-feed tables.
  • The in-feed table is placed on the front side and it allows the movement of the board inside the Bench-Top DeWalt planer.
  • Outfeed catches from the outside. Now, the feed tables may give you the impression that they take up a lot of space but they are foldable and don’t occupy much space.
  • The turret stop helps to retain the whole process.

Specifications of DeWalt DW734 Planer

  • AMPS: 15 AMPS
  • NO LOAD SPEED: 20,000 (MOTOR)/10,000 (cutter head)
  • WEIGHT: 80 LBS
  • WIDTH CAPACITY: 12-1/2 IN.

Pros And Cons Of DeWalt DW734


  • Cleaning is easy
  • No sniping because of four columns
  • Unlike DW734, it includes extra knives and increases knife-life
  • Also has a dust management system
  • Feasible to buy


  • It cannot be used for big large chunks of wood and heavy-duty production
  • It may snipe when working on woods like oak

Final Verdict on DeWalt DW734 Planer

Designed in a way you can use it on a bench or a floor. With the purchase of this product, the user also gets a dust hood that can be attached to a vacuum cleaner or dust collector without folding the tables when it gets attached.

It is portable and movement is easy due to handles. Because of its 80 pounds weight, a cart is given to make the mobility easier. In all, the product is a good buy.

2: DeWalt DW735

The DeWalt DW735 is a 13 inches DeWalt wood planer which has a powerful motor of 20,000 rpm that has amazing performance in terms of cutting even the wide pieces of the material. It includes a two-speed gearbox that planes the thickness of even the stiff material.

By two-speed gearbox, it means that you can select as per your requirement of the speed you want among the two-speed settings by using a small switch given on the front side of the product.

Features of DeWalt DW735

  • The lowest setting allows you to cut on 96 cuts per inch an on the highest setting you can make 179 cuts per inch.
  • But it is good to be clear that no matter what speed you choose to work with, the DW735will anyway be able to make thousands of cuts per second due to its powerful motor.
  • One of the best features of DeWalt DW735 is that it comes with three knives in its cutter head that has a speed of 10,000 rpm.
  • Since the user is getting three knives cutter head, it means the knife-life is increased by 30 percent. The knives are disposable and replacing or changing them is easier and quicker.
  • The product structure is of 19-3/4 inches that has a cast aluminum base which is tougher and two times more rigid than the standard 10 inches base and folding tables.
  • To prevent sniping and extra vibrations that might ruin the fine cutting, the product comes with an automatic carriage lock that reduces the need for manual functions or extra effort by the user in order to keep it stable.
  • To make sure even the thick material passes in the DeWalt Planer and the cuts are accurate with every turn, a material removal gauge and extra-large thickness scale along with turret depth stop are given which sets the standard cutting size and the need to turn and adjust again and again is over.

Specifications of DeWalt DW735 Planer

  • AMPS: 15.0 AMPS
  • NO LOAD SPEED: 20,000 (MOTOR)/10,000 (CUTTER HEAD)
  • WEIGHT: 92 LBS

Pros And Cons Of DeWalt DW735


  • Includes three knives
  • Delivers 96 cuts per inch on low setting or 179 cuts per inch on high setting
  • Can take up to 13-inch wide material
  • Comes with four columns that prevent sniping
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • A bit expensive

Verdict On DeWalt DW735 Planer

The Dewalt Planer DW735 is designed in such a way that it becomes easier to move around because of the handles conveniently placed on the model, which is why you can carry the appliance anywhere even when you are working in the field. Hence, the model is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors.

If you want to change the depths of your cut, use a handwheel that is placed on the side of the model which also indicates that this appliance can work well with the woods of different sizes and shapes.

For consumer protection, an emergency switch is given in case you need to top the function of the product. So in all, all these features make this product worth the buy indeed.

3: DeWALT DW735X

DeWALT DW735X Planer is simply an upgrade of the DW735 which means it is the latest model. Speaking of differences between Dewalt Planer DW735 v/s Dewalt Planer DW735X, there are actually no major or minor differences for that matter.

With the latest model comes a set of accessories that were not present with the previous one which makes the only important difference between the two.

Features of DeWALT DW735X Planer

  • DW735X comes with infeed and outfeed tables for handling the material, extra knives in case the previous ones get dull or nicked, and surface planer unit. On the other hand, the DeWalt Planer DW735 comes with only a planer unit.
  • Even in terms of efficient performance and building of the product, Dewalt Planer DW735Xtakes an edge as compared to other bench-top Dewalt planer.
  • The motor is powerful enough to produce sufficient power to cut in various types of wood irrespective of soft and hard without the risk of sniping.
  • In short, DeWalt DW735X is a 13 inches DeWalt wood planer that comes with three Knife cutter heads which gives out 10,000 rpm.
  • The knives in this product like DeWalt Planer DW735 also has 30 percent longer knife life and feed speed can be on lower or higher settings with the help of the switch placed in the front of the product.
  • It can cut 96 or 179 Cuts per second and even without adjusting to particular settings; they can anyway perform the best.

Specifications of DeWalt DW735X Planer:-

  • AMPS: 15.0 AMPS
  • NO LOAD SPEED: 20,000 (MOTOR)/10,000 (CUTTERHEAD)
  • WEIGHT: 92 LBS

Pros And Cons Of DeWalt DW735X


  • Professionals’ choice
  • Includes an extra set of cutter head knives
  • Efficient in cutting wider materials of wood
  • 30% longer knives life due to an extra knife set
  • 3-year warranty


  • Costly
  • Makes a lot of noise

Verdict on DeWALT DW735X Planer

It is equipped with fan-assisted chip ejection that vacuums chip off of the cutter head and cleans them out of the machine. The structure is 19-3/4 inches and is made up of cast aluminum base which makes it is two times tougher. The features also include automatic carriage lock, extra-large thickness scale, and turret stop and removal gauge. The model is portable and can be used on various types of woods. All these features make this model an amazing buy for professionals as well as home users.

Which DeWalt Thickness Planer Is Best?

After a lot of research and on the basis of consumer reviews, it is safe to say that Dewalt Planer DW735X tops the list among the three models discussed. The reason behind the same is that once you purchase Dewalt DW735X, you need not buy in-feed or out-feed tables individually.

Adding to this, because of the fine quality of the product, you can rest assured that all your hardwood will come out finely smoothened so much so you would not need to put extra efforts by scraping sandpaper on your work.

Also, DW735x is the latest model and hence it comes with better features v/s Dewalt Planer DW734 and Dewalt Planer DW735. No doubt, Dewalt DW734 is a good buy and is suitable for people who need not to bigger tasks and undoubtedly it is a reliable product.

As far as DW735 is concerned, it is indeed cost-effective only if your task does not involve flattening large chunks of wood. But still, it is again safe to say that you will not go wrong if you buy Dewalt DW735because the quality of the cuts and the features are worth paying for.

The bottom line is that Dewalt DW735X has an upper hand because of its latest amazing and improved features. This product is more convenient as it comes with additional blades, longer feed tables among others. It is, of course, heavier but it acts as a plus point in a way that it keeps the material stable and prevents vibrations. So, it is definitely worth the buy.

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