Dynatrap Reviews – Best Mosquito Trap For 2023 (Home & Outdoor Use)

A Dynatrap draws the bugs inside, so as the insects get close and they, realize it’s not us or one of our pets, they’re going to feed on all they simply do is get close enough the powerful fan that sucks the insects down into the trap where they expire so at this point, it’s too late it’s over for them but that’s what it’s all about, it does not zap them, not splatter the bug guts all over the place it just draws them inside sucking them down and then they expire and it’s just so much easier.

You know those bug zappers, every time a bug got zapped yeah it sounded, horrific and the next morning you would, go there and look and there were a bug, guts everywhere because those zappers, explode the bugs.

This is quite the opposite by drawing, the bugs in forcing them down into a chamber where they cannot get outright, in a short amount of time they expire, you throw them away in a trash bag seal. So let’s check out our expert Dynatrap reviews.

Dynatrap Reviews

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If you live, near any amount of water, even water, and a pail in the backyard or in an old tire propped up against the garage and breeding room or a whiskey barrel rain barrel on the side of your house that’s enough water for mosquitoes to breed that’s why you want to leave this running continuously. To run this, it’ll just cost you 10 cents a day, for 70 cents in a week you can run this, and you can trap mosquitoes, moss flies, wasps, stink bugs.

How It Works?

For most of us, mosquitoes and other, flying pests are a nuisance disrupting, neighborhood barbecues family playtime, and relaxing evenings on the patio but, they can also carry and spread a variety, of diseases and infections if you’ve been looking for a better way to fight, mosquitoes and other flying insects look, no further,  now there’s an effective clean and easy, way to handle flying pests in and around, your home without chemicals without, sprays without zapping.

Dynatrap operates quietly and simply, without requiring propane or other, chemicals simply plug it into any wall, outlet, and flip the switch you won’t, even know it’s at work until you begin, to see the results within a week.

You’ll see a noticeable reduction in six weeks, with continuous 24/7 operation you will, have successfully broken the mosquito, life cycle but dynatrap does much more than just trap mosquitoes many types of, moths including the troublesome gypsy, moths are a disruption to vegetation in the caterpillar stage of development.

They eat and destroy trees plants and, vegetables in your garden dynatrap, controls these flying pests UV light, from dynatrap provides a warm attraction to flying insects carbon dioxide emitted from the unit mimics our breath creatin, an irresistible attraction when insects, approach Dynatraps quite powerful, vacuum fan draws them into a retaining, cage where they dry up and die and, unlike other mosquito traps which, require placement at or near the breeding site dynatrap can be placed anywhere within the entrapment area including areas of human traffic stop zapping start trapping with dynatrap.

How To Use It?

To ensure that you get the best results from your trap here are simple guidelines to follow, first place your dynatrap outside early in the season before you see any mosquitoes, second place your dynatrap 20 to 40 feet away from where you typically, hang out in your yard patio or deck, third place your dynatrap three to six feet off the ground and in the shade, ideally between your high-traffic area and mosquito habitats like bushes and trees the fourth rule to remember is to turn your dynatrap on and leave it on throughout the entire season do not turn it off lastly replace your dynatrap bulb after four months of continuous use to maintain the proper UV strength required to attract mosquitoes and other nuisance insects if you follow these guidelines you’ll be confident that your dynatrap is going to provide you with great results for years to come.


  • Its initial cost is cheaper than compared to related products.
  • It doesn’t require much hassle and expense after installation.
  • It catches other bugs besides mosquitoes.
  • You can use it both, indoors or outdoors.


  • It needs an outlet 8-11 feet away or an extension cord.
  • It’s tricky to empty without letting some bugs and mosquitos to escape.
  • It emits an effective amount of CO2.
  • Like all traps, it needs to be placed in a good location, shady, sheltered, where mosquitoes are attracted, not where you’ll be bothered by them.

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