Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Animal 2, Iron/Purple


Cleaning is a term that a clean place feels like a safe place. The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within the environment.

To make your cleaning ways easy and most convenient, here is DYSON ball animal two vacuum tubes cleaner. This device cleans the dust particles and makes the floor super shiny and hygienic. his tube is vast and for the folks who have many floors instead of stairs.

The positive vibes of this tube are to suck anything that comes in the path like limpet and swallows. DYSON Ball vacuum cleaner is a super useful and versatile cleaner that is easier to use.  Today we will print more details about this tube so that you can quickly grab it.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Cleaner

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Quick information!

  • Brand: DYSON BALL
  • Weight: 17.35 Pounds
  • Power: 700 W
  • Cleaning width: 25.5 cm
  • Sound level: 80 dB
  • Power cord: 10.81 m
  • Surfaces: all floor types
  • Height: 3.50 ft.
  • Wand material: Plastic
  • Warranty: five years

DYSON ball animal two vacuum cleaner is a high vacuum. This vacuum is the best product in cleaning devices. It delivers powerful suction to remove all the particles from the floor, including the minutest allergens that can cause harmful diseases. Now make your clean house in just seconds.


  • DYSON BALL Animal 2 vacuum comes with super most muscular suction power than other spaces.
  • Radical Root Cyclone technology captures more dirt and allergens from your home.
  • The Ball inside the vacuum means that the core component creates a lower center of gravity.
  • It comes with tangle-free turbine attachments.
  • The machine comes with HEPA filtration process that extracts allergens and bacteria trapped easily.
  • The Dyson Ball is straightforward for self-adjusting cleaner head and has a motorized brush bar.

Lets print details! 

Radial Root Cyclone Methodology: Now it’s straightforward to clean and wipe the particles with DYSON Ball vacuum tube cleaner; this cleaner has an innovative radial toot system that can deliver the highest suction level and sucks easy and every allergens particle. It has three modes to slurp dust of enormous quantity. The plus point includes that it has the flexibility to suck the pet hairs even.

Ball Technology: Ball technology is the feature that directs your furniture and obstacles with simple turn or revolves. It cleans the carpets and gives accurate and perfect cleaning vibes.  Through this technology, the airways, and center of gravity increase the stability. DYSON Ball Animal 2 vacuum tube gives us precise steering that tightens your circle ball axis.

Wand handle: DYSON Ball 2 Animal vacuum tube is not only cleaned your floor but also worked on your top-selling, cobwebs, and many more spaces wit just rotating the wand into 360 degrees.  This handle is made up of plastic and goes wherever you want to suck the particles. This tube reaches under your furniture by the carbon fiber floor tool.

Designs and Build ups: This vacuum cleaner is for the large particles and a variety of floors. It’s a vast machine that comes in a tall box that can perform tough tasks.  Its weight is 7.32 kgs, and you can have a quote struggle to carry it for a place to places.   But DYSON successfully produces another light ball vacuum for the small areas with less weight. The quality of construction is sturdy, excellent, and durable. It’s available in different colors and styles. The designs look like wobbly with a long cord of 10 meters.

Filtration: DYSON 2 animal vacuum includes the two types of filters in the machine. One is a washable lifetime filter, which gives you relaxation about the future replacement. On the other hand,d the HEPA filtration system is present. This filtration process removes 99.9% allergens, bacteria, and all the dust particles. If you and your family have asthma or any dust particles allergy, this device is what exactly you’re looking in. You have to press the HEPA filtration button to release the debris.

Turbine attachments: The turbine attachment is known as tangles free accessories because it’s specially designed for the effortless collection. The brush header rotates and collects each microscopic particle from the coach and upholstered furniture. This attachment works perfectly for armchairs, sofas, and on pet beddings and clean every type of floor, cloth material, and gives you a healthy environment.

Warranty and cost: Let’s produce something soothing with DYSON Ball 2 Animal cleaner that gives you a full, satisfying guarantee of five years. Sounds great! It offers five years of warranty and gives you an offer of 30 days money-back guarantee with free shipping. This tool’s cost is around 500$, which is quite affordable while looking into its features and quality. It’s a valuable product.


  • DYSON Ball has the 55-gallon capacity to sucks all the unhygienic particles.
  • It has the flexibility benefit to suck the particles from vinyl, wood, tile floors, and carpet.
  • It benefits you to empty the bin with just one press button.
  • The hose and wand can easily separate with one quick, smooth action.
  • It is a convenient tool for reaching hard and complex areas.
  • The stair tool is available for good cleaning on stairs.
  • It is specially designed for folks who love pets and to eliminate pet hairs.
  • The device comes assembles and is very easy to maintain.

Final print: DYSON Ball 2 Animal Vacuum Cleaner proved itself an excellent worker. The engineers specially make this product to remove the microscopic particles from your home so that you can be feel protected from all allergens. It has the most substantial suction power and comes with a counter-rotating brush.

Everyone needs and wants a clean and neat, precise cleaning around the obstacles and under furniture. Therefore this device fulfills your dream of a cleaned house and comes with super good filters. The plus point of warranty makes the customer fully gratified. Book yours now!


What is the specific usage of this product?

DYSON Ball 2 Animal vacuum can work on hard floors, carpet, dual-action tasks. It also has the power to clean the vinyl, tile floors, and wood.

What is the country of origin of this device?

DYSON Ball vacuum is made in the USA and is an imported device. It comes with the best quality features and is a highly rated brand.

What is the capacity of the DYSON Ball vacuum dust bin?

Vacuum tube comes with the capacity area of dust bin 0.55 gal. That is quite beneficial; this dust bin is straightforward to clean and empty but only pressing one button.

What is the measurement of a hose and operating radius?

The hose length of the DYSON ball vacuum is 3.47 m, and the operating radius comes in 15.24 m. therefore lean the house efficiently.

Is the vacuum tube is for small areas?

No, this vacuum tube is for a large surface area, which has many floors. It’s huge and heavy so its not much suitable for small spaces.


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