Best Egab Flexible Faucet Sprayer For Your Kitchen

Egab Flexible Faucet Sprayer


The turbo flex 360 from Jam out this is a spray nozzle that you can hook on to your kitchen seat specifically we think it’s made for like the style of nozzle that’s on a kitchen sink so you can unscrew that and you screw this right on and this turbo flex 360 is designed for people who have a sink that doesn’t have a kitchen sprayer or maybe doesn’t have the capability of being able to add a kitchen sprayer to it we bought this thing because my kitchen sink is pretty old it comes from like the 1960s maybe 50s and it does not have the capability of adding a sprayer to it I’m sure you could if you’re a plumber you know it’s gonna take a lot of work but it’s something we don’t want to fiddle with or mess with so I’ve decided to try the turbo flex 360 to see how it handles dishes and see how it handles.

just you know general kitchen sink tasks that a normal sprayer would handle so this is something new that I’ve never seen before so haven’t seen any we don’t have any kind of bias on this we haven’t seen any reviews on this before anyway this is new for me so I’m gonna get started here and unbox this thing so this is the as seen on tv turbo flex 360 I’ll try not to cut myself open on this box don’t wanna end up at the ER trying to open up this turbo flex flexible faucet sprayer alright I’ve finally liberated it and this is what we’re working with here folks this top just kind of pops it up pops out and pops in we see that little bit of motion there we don’t see this changing too much it looks like it’s very flexible though alright so I’m gonna take my old regular nozzle off my sink and replace it with this thing right here alright.


So this is my standard sink faucet right here we live in an old farmhouse and this thing’s probably been here since like the 50sweguess or maybe the 60s so we’re gonna upgrade the nozzle here with the turf flex real quick and that came off pretty easy and the turbo flex has gone on extremely easy so that went right on there all right let’s see how it works right off the bat we see it’s leaking may be we don’t have a SIL in there or somethingwebet this game with a SIL or a washer or something let me check the packaging real quick and sure enough that’s whatwewas missing it did come with some sills so right there they are so not to worry we’ll fix that here in a whip snitch all right let’s put the SIL on here and see if we can get this thing going okay let’s try this puppy out again okay god they’re getting tight now all right no more leaks and it looks like the water is coming out really good and I’m able to direct it so that’s pretty cool.

we got the water coming out of here pretty good now and I’m able to direct this thing and let’s try that sprayer yeah there it goes it sprays so you’ve got a good spray action here I’ve got my water turned all the way, oh and I’ve got halfway decent pressure here and this is spray and halfway decent so bring it down here a little closer you can see there that spraying action pop it back and it has standard old you know it’s a standard old stink still action and then pop it like this you have sprayer action and it is installed in about 20 seconds and it goes back and forth pretty easy excellent and you see there are no leaks here the sill that comes with it still adept really nicely and we did this all by hand didn’t even have to get a wrench out so I’m pretty pleased this little thing we think.

I’ll be using this from now on while I’m washing dishes that I’ll be able to you know use this little sprayer mechanism that’s pretty cool okay folks so for an as seen on tv item this turbo flex 360 turned out to be a pretty cool item it actually works very easy to install took me about 30 seconds took the old nozzle off put this one on this comes with some nice seals and no leaks and it works like magic we mean it just went on super quick and I’ll be using this thing to wash dishes with from now on probably you know until this thing gets replaced I’m guessing or as long as this thing holds up a turbo Flex 360 flexible faucet sprayer turned out to be pretty awesome something.

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