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Framing Nailer

The framing nailer is those which help in doing work in a short period. We must decide that a nailer is a cord or without cordless. It is a model of air gun. It is best used for carpenters for removing a need for hammers. In olden days hammers were used for nailing but this work was done hard so to remove this hard work a framing nailer was introduced in the 1950s.

This is said to be a woodworking tool. This is used for nailing and also for removing a nailer easily from an object. In the olden days, there is no value for this product but in the present days, every carpenter used to have a framing nailer to do their work easily and in a short period. Different brands manufacture a framing nailer.

But we must select a quality nailer so that it cannot be damaged and have a long life. We must select a type of nailer which is with all new modern technology and does not have a high budget. Different types of nailers are roof nailer, concrete nailer, finish guns, flooring nailers.

There are many ways for using a framing nailer so those steps must be followed while using a framing nailer. Safety measures must be followed while using a framing nail. It is used for a long time by a carpenter. These nailers can be used easily and are easy for portable.

Paslode 902600 is the best framing nailer to buy because it has the long-lasting battery and cordless. And is operated on a battery. Paslode 50100 is operated by electricity. Framing nailers are easy to operate and handle by anyone. It must be operated by those who have a bit of knowledge about how to operate a machine. Different parts of the nailer must be used carefully at the time of operations.

Some of the areas where a framing nailer was used are:

  1. Building deck.
  2. Room construction.
  3. House framing
  4. Furniture assembling.
  5. Cabinets installing.
  6. Hardwood flooring installing.
  7. Building fences.

How to use a framing nailer:

Some of the points to be considered while using a framing nailer. These points must be kept in mind while using a framing nailer.


We must see our safety first. while using a framing we must be safe. We must wear goggles, gloves while using a framing nailer. It may be a danger because it can go into our eyes or nail into our hands. wear these safety measures while putting up a nailer. Safety measures must be taken by everyone while operating.

Loading strip of a nail:

A nailing strip must be load correctly for the use. This is found at the back of a nailer, this will depend on a type of a nailer. For loading a nail strip slide it a close a magazine when nails are secured. If it is placed correctly then work can also be done properly.

The practicing shooting of a gun:

Practise is an important factor. People who do not know using this gun should not use it because it is not so easy to nail a gun. While practicing take an old piece or any metal while using it.

Placing of a gun to a nail:

Place a gun correctly into a nail. Then place a hand on a safe zone of a grip, because a gun should not place us in a risky way. It must be done because this gives a perfect work for a carpenter for fixing a nailer.

Putting pressure on a gun while placing:

Putting pressure should include pressure from our chest or stomach it must be put by only our hands. At a point when we shot a nail, immediately release a trigger. If we don’t do it so it shoots a more nail.

Take the gun from the surface:

Once we have taken a gun from a surface we have nailed, we must check the state of a nail. It a nail is not flush with a surface, we have to pull a gun away or we have put enough pressure on it.

Disconnect a gun and reload a nail strip:

At last, disconnect a gun and then reload another nail strip into a gun for a second round. We must see that a plug must be off at the time of reloading a gun.

Types Of Framing Nailer:

Some of the different types of nailer are

  1. Roofing nail guns.
  2. Finish guns.
  3. Flooring nailers.
  4. Concrete nail guns.

These nailers are used for doing a different type of work. Roofing nails are lighter, they are no use for the hard objects. These nailers only work on asphalt, fiberglass. Finish guns are an essential tool for making furniture. These help in making of caskets, installing hardware flooring, baseboards securing.

These use slightly large nails. Flooring nailers are used for the installation of hardwood flooring. We must prefer a good quality of the flooring nail. Concrete nail guns shoot nails into concrete. This nailer is dangerous because it is powerful than all the other types of nailers.

Safety measures:

We must be safe while using a framing nailer. We must use eyewear while using a framing nailer, accidentally when we use a trigger can go into our eyes. Wear gloves because while using a nail cannot go into our hands while using gloves. Wear footwear while using a nailer, when we move from one place to another a trigger can harm us. A machine must be plug off and on in an easy way.

Paslode Framing Nailer:

Paslode is a company that is a leading company in the manufacturing of cordless and pneumatic nailers. They manufacture a nailer with good quality. This company came into existence in the year 1935.

The manufacturing plants are located in Australia, Denmark, Canada, Malaysia, Shanghai, and four plants in the U.S. This company is a top leading company in the manufacturing of a framing nailer.

1: PASLODE 501000

Product overview

It is a power master with a framing nailer system that will allow doing a job within a short period easily. This is a heavy-duty job. Durability and quality of a product are good. There is a low recoil feature included in it.8.4 pounds of weight. It is available in only one color that is silver.

It has an air-powered power source. It does not include or require any battery for the operations. It is best used for framing, wall sheathing, roof sheathing, floor decking, and others. It is a convenient design of a nailer it is easy to handle and easy to operate the machine. It has a driver with 2- 3 ½ inch, 30-degree nails through tough lumber.

It has a premium balanced performance. Warranty for one year on housing a cap parts. This is provided by the company. The center of gravity is closed to the trigger for optional balance. Compact size easily fits between 16-inch joists, rafters, on-center studs. It consumes a power of 80-120 PSI. A rafter can be moved easily when it is not needed.

The power master is backed up by 90 days limited warranty on wear parts and 6 months warranty on magazine parts, and a 1-year warranty on housing and cap parts. In a box, it includes nailer, bushing, safety measures, bumps fire trigger, and a user manual.


  1. Weight 8.4 pounds.
  2. Power consumption 80-120 PSIA.
  3. A low recoil feature.
  4. On tool depth of drive adjustment.
  5. 90 days warranty for backup power master.
  6. 6 months warranty for magazine parts.
  7. 1year warranty for housing and cap part.
  8. It includes trigger, bushes, nailer, safety measures, user manual.
  9. Drivers with 2- 3 ½ inch.
  10.  16inch joists, rafters.
  11.  Rafters can be removed easily when there is no need.
  12.  It is a convenient design, and easy to handle because of grips.
  13.  It has a premium balanced performance.
  14.  It is best used for framing, roof sheathing, wall sheathing, floor decking, and others.
  15.  Quality and durability are good.


  1. It is made up of professional tools.
  2.  The sequential operation for greater efficiency.
  3.  Easy for operations and use.


  1. It is based on a low budget.
  2.  It does not have modern- accessories.

2: PASLODE 902600

Product overview:

It is used in mint condition. It is cordless. Drivers are of 2-3 ¼ inches. It does not require any compressor. It shoots both Paslode and round drive nails. It is lithium-ion battery technology. It has a new on/ off battery position installed in it.

It has a steel ring, longer life, heavy-duty utility hooks, full-body rubber grip, dry firing. Best used for roof sheathing, wall sheathing, floor decking, and more. It requires fuel cells and batteries. A battery must be charged with a lithium-ion battery charger but no other accessories. It does not require any compressor. It is light and durable.

One year warranty, full charge up to 1 hour, with 2 minutes it charges 200 nails. It includes a rechargeable battery, charger, carrying case, safety glasses, 5/32 inch hex wrench. Drives 50% more nails per charge. The weight is of 7.5 pounds. It comes with two colors orange, black. It is a battery-powered source.

The average battery life is for five hours. The battery is included in a machine. People reviewed 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. A manufacturing unit of this product has been stopped by the company because it is to become with advanced technology. Cordless is easy to use and provides a grip to handle correctly.


  1. It is cordless.
  2.  No compressor needed.
  3.  Uses a fuel cell.
  4.  It is light, portable, and durable.
  5.  Easy to use.
  6.  Drives 50% [6000] more nails per charge.
  7.  Full charge in 1 hour, two minutes quick charge will drive up to 200 nails.
  8.  It includes a battery of 7.4 volts, charger, carrying case, safety glasses, 5/32 inch of a hex wrench.
  9. 7.5 pounds of weight.
  10.  One -year warranty.
  11.  Available in two colors: orange, black.
  12.  The battery is included in a machine.
  13.  It is a battery source.
  14.  The average battery of life for five hours.


  1.  It is not operated by electricity.
  2.  It is with all new modern accessories.
  3.  It is built with high quality.


  1.  It must be available for the next generation.


Comparing Features

Paslode 50100 is operated by electricity, but Paslode 902600 is run by a battery. 50100 is with a cord but 902600 is a cordless nailing machine. The weight of 50100 is high when compared to 902600.

Where a Paslode 50100 is based upon an olden technology when compared to Paslode 902600. The warranty option is good at 50100 when compared to 902600. Both the machine is easy to operate. People’s reviews are good for the 902600 machines. 902600 is built with new modern technology.


We prefer buyers to buy a Paslode 902600 because it is based upon an all-new modern technology. Paslode 50100 is operated through electricity, but 902600 is operated through a battery. Paslode 50100 is giving a warranty of 1 year and warranty for different parts.

As 902600 is giving a warranty of 1 year. Both are used for roof sheathing, wall sheathing, door decking, and others. 902600 must be charged with a charger given only by a company but not by other accessories. The weight of 50100 is high when compared to 902600. 902600 is cordless, 50100 is with cord. Both are easy to use, and both are used for the same purposes.

Both are made of professional tools. But 902600 is with new technology. 50100 comes in only one color as 902600 comes with two colors. Peoples must be careful while using this and must use safety measures while operating a framing nailer.

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