Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review – Read Before You Buy Online

I’ve waited a really long time it seems like forever to do this video just about one year now I’ve had my harvest right and the reason I waited so long as I really wanted to put it through its paces really make sure that if I was going to give an honest review that it needed to go through lots of cycles because things that seemed like they were negative in the beginning really don’t seem like they’re that big a deal anymore.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review

So I’ve done probably about 140 or 150 cycles I don’t really know if that’s average for most people it just kind of depends how you use the freeze dryer and I feel like that’s definitely enough to give you an honest review on harvest right freeze dryer review this so I think the easiest way to do this is I’m going to give you some positives over here and some negatives over here so the first big negative and the thing that’s going to be the deciding factor for most people if you’re getting ready to Purchase one is obviously the price.

How Much Electricity Does A Harvest Right Use:-

It’s a pretty substantial investment and that’s also why I wanted to make sure that I gave plenty of time before I gave an opinion on this that you can’t really find them anywhere other than harvest right and there’s a couple of small dealers that will deal them. harvest right freeze dryer review so the price is pretty much stuck on that a big positive for me is the food quality I mean this just look at this it looks amazing and this isn’t a commercial.

Freeze Cycle                                                    Drying

5.8 amps                                                    11.3 amps

390 watts                                                   607 watts

After 1 Hour                                                 3.54 KWh

5.2 amps

290 watts

.56 KWh


Freeze-drying food the quality of the food is really good there are a few things that don’t freeze-dry very well and a few things that don’t rehydrate very well and a few things that don’t reconstitute very well but for the most part I haven’t really found a whole lot that doesn’t do well so kind of going along with the food quality another thing that was really important to me that maybe isn’t that important to other. harvest right freeze dryer review I can choose what I freeze-dry I’m not limited to whatever you know the major brands of freeze-drying foods are offering.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Personal Review:-

I can freeze dry whatever I want if the store has 20 pounds of pork on sale I can go buy it and freeze dry it and get a great deal on it I’m not limited to what one of the major companies is offering at that point and stuck at their price and not only just stuck at a price that you can choose but what is in the food that you’re freeze-drying what I’ve found is a lot of the big-name freeze-dried food companies there’s a lot of stuff in their food that I don’t really want to eat or put into my body and I like being able to freeze dry my own vegetables my own meat that I know where it came from things like that.


Right here and since I bought my freeze dryer they’ve actually made an improvement they offer a different pump now I don’t have any first-hand experience with it I’ve heard kind of both ways on it and they bought they also have upgraded to an oil-less pump which is a pretty substantial increase in the price but it might be worth it. The oil list is very quiet and you don’t have to change the oil in it so you may have seen my video on my pump problems pretty much instantly when I got this machine and if you haven’t take a minute to check it out I’ll put the link on the screen here.

Since I got the pump back I haven’t had any other issues with it it’s run really well it is a little bit noisy but it seems to me it seems to do what it’s supposed to do I just stick mine in the basement where you can’t really hear very much anyway so my next negative is the noise which kind of goes along with the pump obviously because the pump is what makes racket it’s not this is kind of a startup noise that it makes it’s not always this loud and it kind of chills out after a while. it does make a pretty good racket alright this is what it sounds like after it’s had a little bit of time to warm up and some oil went through it not quite as bad but you can still hear it alright the next thing I want to point out that could be a negative for some people I don’t really think it’s that big a deal is the capacity of the machine mine is the medium size and I have four shelves and to me it seems like it’s fine when you first start doing it it’s one of those things that seems like it’s a big negative


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