Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 158 (Best Sewing Machine)

Kenmore sewing machine model 158 is a heavy-duty household machine with a built-in straight stitch zig-zag stitch and blind hem stitch it also does take decorative cams which would go on the top of the machine. This is a low shank machine so the presser feet are really easy to find because they aren’t expensive and they’re just readily available for pretty much any sewing machine.

Most of the sewing machines they have today are low shank or little stamp on kinds so they’re pretty cheap. It is double-needle capable so you can use, you can do two rows of like decorative stitching which is nice it’s a pretty basic straightforward Kenmore sewing machine model 158.

It’s not complicated to use in any sort of way but it does do a lot and it does handle a lot of different fabrics, everything from lightweight fabrics to leather. To change out your bobbin and to put a freshly Betfred your bobbin in your bobbin casing you’re going to remove the cover plate. With basically it’s got the little thing you’re just going to lift the role up that lap and it’ll snap right out.

Then you’re going to pull the little hinge to metal piece out and you want to pull it out all the way so that your bobbin doesn’t fall out of the bobbin casing as pulling out because then it would just get down there it’s pay to the pot so in a way you’d put that down set that down to the side take a fresh bobbin and you are going to take your thread put it on a spool where it pulls it around to the backside of this thread guide and pulls it through.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 158

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Now you’re going to want to make sure that like this thread snaps into a place where this thing is here so that it actually holds the thread we’re going to put the thread through one of the holes in the top and then you’re going to snap this down. You’re going to leave the bobbin thing out, you’re not going to want to click it into place until.

You’re already going you already have the machine winding so you’re going to leave that out and then you’re going to turn the handwheel you’re going to hold them out the outer hand wheel taut and you’re going to turn the metal ring to the left or towards you. You’re holding the wheel and this will become free like that and it will keep the needle from going up and down as you’re winding the bobbin.

So now that you have that all set, you’ll basically be going to just hold this top thread here so that it doesn’t get wound in the bobbin and start just lightly pushing the pedal you don’t really need to go really fast and because basically if you do, if you’re going like full-speed trying to wind this Bob and this single just like jiggle and fall off, there’s really just no need for it so you just push down on the pedal a little bit and then once it starts going you just, click that into place and you’ll see that it’s going to line the bobbin.

You’re basically just going to pull this thing back take it off you’re going to cut like you’re going to leave a couple of inches of thread here. Because you want the needle the thread that’s in the needle to be able to pull this bobbin thread up and then you’re going to cut off the excess here.

So you’ve gone ahead and you’ve cut that top thread off and have the bobbin so that the thread is basically coming around this way and it’s pulling out here to the right.

You’re going to take the bobbin casing and you’re going to slide it in here the bobbin so that the thread is going in that same direction and then this top part here this little hinge thing you’re going to want that going towards the left okay and what you’ll do to thread this, you’re going to put the bobbin in and you see that little knot right there. The thread is going to slide under this little metal plate. It’s going to slide through and then it will lock into place where this little oblong hole.

This machine is able to sew leather and Christmas trees and ducks on stuff you know so it’s one of these machines it’s great for beginners in place you can’t really break it. You know aside from using it a lot and just forgetting to oil it even if you did do that you’re like oh my gosh my machine is totally jammed all it does is take a little bit more a little bit of oiling and like some grease and lubricant on the UM on the gears that have the teeth and that should get it back up and running again unless you totally blew the motor and then you would have to cause you’d have to get that fixed but obviously if the motor starts you know smoking when you’re using the machine you know you’re doing something wrong and you should stop but. It’s a pretty much indestructible if you’re just using common sense and using the machine it’s simple it’s straightforward it’s easy to follow and then for the experience so or you’re going to like it because it does do like leather it does free motion and it has a double-needle so it’s just a great machine. It’s also portable so I, mean you can take it wherever you need to go and it’s one of these machines, it’s just going to last you forever.

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