Kinetics Wire Rope Cutter – For Heavy Duty, Review

Review on these kinetics wire rope cutters

Kinetics wire rope cutters are part number 95 62 190 this pair of wire and Kinetics rope cutters are a definite must-have for your small engine shop I’ve had them in my shop for over a year this way makes it easier for me to talk about them we did purchase these on Amazon you can also do a search online with the part number that we mentioned.

Now kinetics rope cutter is approximately seven and a half inches long and they do come with a lifetime warranty and here’s a close look at them they are made in Germany and they’re fully cast now this pair here has the comfort grip and I really like the comfortable handle on these pliers you can buy a version with this type of handle here although We will not be as comfortable and they do come with a small lock you just turn this back and they open up and they are spring-loaded.

Kinetics Wire Rope Cutter
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And they do have some crimpers built in over here for some small Ferrell’s so basically these pliers serve as a cutter and a crimper and here’s a look at the blades here these are extremely good quality and they won’t splay your cables they do a nice clean cut and often cutting cables with the wrong cutters you will end up with cables like this and by the way guys

If you do buy a pair of kinetics rope cutter just keep them in your toolbox specifically dedicated to cutting wire cables don’t use them to cut anything else because you don’t want to damage your blades and as expected from any context tools.

they do feel of extremely good quality and ergonomically they feel nice as well in your hand the most common things that we use these pliers for in shop is to cut wire cable like this and we also use them to crimp these wire Ferrell’s and these cable end caps over here and these cutters should be able to cut comfortably wire cable up to 13 64th

So that would be about this size here just one step up from 3/16 of an inch now we recommend that you use safety is when you cut with these because sometimes the wire pieces do fly up in your face so to start with here this is your basic bicycle one sixteenths stainless steel cable you’ll find these on breaks and derailleurs on pedal bikes and you’re going to see just how easy.

Kinetics Wire Rope Cutter
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It cuts through this and as you can see it’s a nice clean cut there’s no splaying like you see over here now the next cable I have here is a 5/64 cable and again it cuts through that very easily and the next cable over here is seven sixty-fourth and you’re going to sit cuts through there very easily again and we’ve cut through all these cables with practically no effort.

Now we just going to compare them to these side cutters here because a lot of people including myself when we did not have the pliers we showing you we would use side cutters to cut wire cable and the biggest disadvantage to cutting wire cable with these is that it’s very hard to get a clean cut usually the cable is splayed as you can see it’s not as clean of a cut as the other cutters and even these small Kenna pecs and bolt cutters here don’t do as good of a job.

They do cut it but not as clean so you do have to improvise if you don’t have these in your shop my point today though however is that you will get a clean cut all the time with hardly any effort with these cutters now I’m going to show you a few examples of how you can crimp some Pharos you can see I’ve crimped some over here.

Kinetics Wire Rope Cutter
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We’ll start with the end cap and basically once you have your end cap on the cable just use this part of the crimper here squeeze it does a nice professional crimp and it’s on there nice and tight it’s nice to have these end caps because it does stop your cables from splaying at the end and I’m going to show you how to crimp these end caps that go on the outer part of a cable.

if you do want it just a bit tighter on there and just use the other crimper just squeeze it a little bit and makes it that extra tighter on there and it makes their cables look professionally made and We’ll show you how to print these just insert your cable in the ferrule.

we just going to make a loop here so it’s going to take a bit more strength to do this and now you’ve got a nice crimp and We’ve got the thinner ferrule with the smaller cable inserted in the smaller crimper and squeeze and it’s easier to squeeze in the smaller ferrule and you’re not just limited to crimping these ferals you can also crimp the smaller round ones so when you’re shot these will come in handy.

If you’re fixing bicycles bicycle brake cables derailleurs also if you’re in a pinch in your shop and you need to make a lawnmower brake cable these will work perfectly for that you can also use them to fix some snowblower auger and drive cables as well I like to keep a lot of cable and Ferrell’s in my shop because they do get me out of a pinch sometimes and these cutters here will be a great addition and complement to the pliers.

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