2 Best Lazy Boy Office Chair Reviews & Guide For 2020

I want to do just kind of a quick review for you guys on the lazy boy Delano Big & Tall executive leather chair. I haven’t seen too many reviews on Lazy Boy Office Chair so I thought I just kind of give you guys my two cents just based off my experience and let you know what I thought about it

I’m a pretty big guy 6 foot 250 pounds and if you’re tall or heavier like I am. You know that it’s very hard to find a very good comfortable chair I’ve tried tons of them for over many years and they’re just not made for taller or heavier people this one kind of sparked my interest when I saw Lazy Boy Office Chair, it had really good reviews.

People who are taller heavier said it’s like the best so I thought I’d give it a try and I guess if you want the short version of this review. It’s awesome I really love this Lazy Boy office chair finally a comfortable chair for taller heavier guys that being said though to my friend who is 5 foot 6 actually thinks it’s really comfortable.

Lazy Trafford Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

Lazy Trafford Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

So this Lazy Boy Office Chair is not just for big and tall people it’s really made to fit anybody so that being said let’s talk a little bit about it the ergonomics on this chair excellent very comfortable you can sit in it for a really long period they really pad the bottom of this chair like really padded.

I think that’s part of the reason why it’s a big and tall the thing I found with a lot of chairs being heavier it crushes you end up crushing the seat down fairly quickly and kind of bottoming out and it becomes uncomfortable this I don’t see ever happening it’s tons and tons of padding and it’s very good quality foam on the bottom so it really supports your weight very well extremely comfortable for long seated positions.

A trusted brand is known for quality traditional craftsmanship and comfort the lazy boy Fairmont big-and-tall comfort poor traditions executive office chair.

Incorporates a generous design with advanced performance for exceptional support and comfort at work and play the comfort core plus with memory foam advanced layering system offers unique zone-based support placing cushioning in the areas you need it most the strategically assigned plush body pillow and padded headrest on this big and tall Lazy Boy office chair.

Lazy Boy Office Chair (Executive Chair), Leather Mahogany


Combined to provide neck support and minimize pressure points for relief from discomfort caused by prolonged sitting this ergonomic chair is fully adjustable for a personalized fit you can control the height and tilt to suit your needs for customized positioning and optimized body alignment the contoured lumbar area provides tailored lower back support to alleviate discomfort accommodating up to,400 pounds this big and tall office.

This Lazy Boy office chair is designed with a spacious seating area for a roomy fit and commercial-grade components that are made to last this executive office chair features a thicker plywood subfloor reinforced back bar and heavy-duty castors for durability you can count on for all your day-to-day activities crafted with wood components this high back office chair is upholstered in soft bonded leather to create an elegant blend of traditional style and modern performance that is ideal for any office homer entertainment space quick summarizing.

Comfort core plus with memory foam advanced layering system provides plush cushioning and optimal firmness for exceptional support and comfort generous seating area and commercial-grade big-and-tall components hold up to 400 pounds for uncompromising comfort stability and durability ergonomic controls.

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