Lenovo Flex 5 Review – Is This A Best Touchscreen Enabled Laptop?

Hi, I’m doing a review on the Lenovo Idea Pad Flex 1470 (Lenovo Flex 5 Review) and I’ve had this computer for about a year now so I can confidently say what I do and don’t like about it I like the size personally it’s an i5 it has Radeon graphics.

So as you know it’s the touchscreen and obviously that’s probably the biggest con with all of these kinds of touchscreen computers is they smudge really easily but with this one I’ve seen that the smudges aren’t that noticeable there’s not as much glare as I’ve seen with other touchscreen devices so it’s really not that big of a deal I think another con for me besides.

The touchscreen was I personally don’t like how they integrated the right and left click buttons into the touchpad because sometimes you’re just like wanting to scroll around on your page and you accidentally start right-clicking stuff okay I’ll turn it on in a second just trying to think about any of the other just basic hardware features the buttons are great. So without waiting for another further, let’s read Lenovo Flex 5 review below-

Intel Core i5-6200U 2.3GHz & Intel HD Graphics 520 (Best Part of Lenovo Flex 5 Review)

I guess, I could show you before I power it up how it flexes around so you can see that it’s got this dual joint kind of thing right here so there you go you can see how it bends around like that it’s for your a frame basically which it’s pretty sturdy hangs on it doesn’t sink or anything and of course, it can go completely flat like that and you got yourself a tablet personally the lens the portrait cause it really seems a little bit ridiculous it’s cool like if you’re like walking around and you’re you don’t want to be cut with a laptop you kind of hold it in that L shape and its kind of just obnoxious to carry it around and work on it whereas this one you can just hold it with one handset it down do something move it around I’m going to turn it on now so it makes it.

More interesting okay I have it powering up here it powers up in two seconds it’s fast maybe less you can see a little bit of a glare honestly you get used to it it’s really not a deal-breaker for me we’re running Windows 10 here and so I mean you can see how to scroll that like you’d expect just like on a phone.

Touchscreen Enable System

I like it I I don’t use it too heavy the touchscreen I mostly use it sometimes you just don’t feel like using the little touchpad sometimes you’re just hanging out with friends and just like oh yeah let’s watch that one it’s kind of just a nice to have or convenience but it’s uh it makes it more fun okay so I can show you how easy it is to just like flip it around have it does good tablet oh it’ll ask if you want to go into tablet mode you know hey Cortina there she goes I found this for you.

It has 4GB of memory and a 1000GB hard drive (Lenovo Flex 5)

That was a not intended to do that you can listen to the speakers you can see how kryptonite is pretty awesome just pulled up YouTube you can get Phil to the speakers close that the biggest reason I like this and what goes with this if I were you the reflects that 360 rotation and the touch screen is because it’s it makes your workspace.

Flexible Design

A little bit better it gives you more room to work for example when you have your keyboard in the way you’ve got to push your computer farther away from you so if you’re an artist or you’re studying for your classes you got your screen right next to what you’re doing here so you don’t have your screen and the frame like way over there you can bring it right up to what you’re working on which is my absolute favorite thing and that’s and that’s when this comes in handy you don’t have to you’re not real and you’re just you’re working and you’re not really typing a document or anything and it’s something like that and this is the intermittent should pull up something like that YouTube videos whatever you want to click on it a bit of a fist shape that looks slightly.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our Lenovo Flex 5 Review, which was done was our team of experts. In case, if you have any questions about it, then don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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