Best Log Splitters under $1000 – Reviews & Top Picks


A Log Splitter is a tool that is used for separating firewood from hardwood logs so that they can be used directly at the fireplace. In the early times to cut such firewood axes were used where people applied their power to cut such logs and in which one cannot guarantee perfection as human tendency and capacity are less than the machine’s work.

These splitters came into existence to lower down this use of human power and more specific and up to the point, work is delivered. The higher the force rating the more the thickness of round that can be cut away. This Splitter is of many types and also are powered by a different source of fuel like gas or diesel or even hydraulic log splitter are available to choose from according to the need of the user and firewoods required.

This unit of the splitter is made of more than one component included in the same which helps in the working of this splitter and so that perfect equal logs are cut and delivered. This Splitter generally becomes part of home working and also sometimes they are also used for commercial uses in the market.

Even being better splitter being a part of this operative word one should take complete care while working as this splitter cuts the hardwood into firewoods the cutting blade can also affect your hand while even being an adult.

1.Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter



Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter is a splitter that is said to be the best of its kind. Just like all other splitters it also performs log cutting for firewood from the hardwood or even the softwood but the reason for it being Best is because of its working capabilities and overall good performance with the cutting of logs.

This product has got a perfect structure that maintains safety distance and also clamps on which this machine stays and works without getting a load of wood that does not affect the working of this machine.

The Nuts and bolts are placed in a way better form so that hardwood can be converted into firewoods or even small pieces of wood more productive and useful to the market. This Dirty Hand Tool Log Splitter has many more specifications which are discussed in detail to make this product more understandable.


Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter is a splitter that moves its Wedge in the direction towards the wood log placed splitting it into two parts and even more when the process is repeated. This Splitter allows a maximum of 25 log lengths which can be fitted over this splitter for its cutting.

There is a side cradle attached to this log splitter so that when logs are cut into pieces it does not fall directly to the ground which makes it clumsy but helps in properly arranging logs. This log splitter has horizontal to the vertical working structure so that even the logs are large they can be placed on the ground and cut into parts by vertically forcing this log splitter on the same.

This Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter has a good stand which actually keeps the tool on four clamps and helps the cutting of logs even with higher overload more efficiently with cutting the logs equally.

This Log Splitter can be hydraulic which pushes the attached cylindrical machine on to the log automatically to cut it into parts for being firewoods. This Mechanism helps in making the firewoods easier and even perfect one sized logs are cut if we place the big log of hardwood perfectly for cutting.



This Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter has Cat 1 and Cat 2 for the hydraulic system to work and even work in an upside-down position placing the log larger than 25 Length This tool has four clamps on which the whole set up is adjusted trying and giving optimum results from the work done.

The wedge included on which the wood log for cutting is full of strength which can take loads of big logs to cut them into small firewoods. The particular diameter cylinder pushes itself towards the wood log for cutting it into two equal parts and more when placed more than once onto the machine.

The Cradle attached to this tool helps to get all the cut logs all that one fine place and not into a manner The name Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter is embedded so well on the tool to create a perfect brand image of the product in the market.


This splitter even being the best among its kind but still, this tool operates slowly with KABOTA B 2650 Tractor.


This Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter is best among its king and is worth buying if you have a well-accustomed budget and a proper place for the same.

2.Boss Industrial ED8T20 Log Splitting Machine – The Runner-up



Boss Industrial ED8T20 Splitter is the runner up among the splitters of its kind. This splitter cuts the log of hardwood into pieces small and easily adjustable in the fireplace for a warm and ambient atmosphere to be created. This splitter has a different arrangement for the work to be performed in a faster and easier way which we will discuss in the specifications followed by this overview.

This Splitter is an electrical log splitter along with using the hydraulic power to push the log towards the cutter panel for converting to firewood. This splitter has even a motor infused with high power for instant work to be delivered.


  1. Boss Industrial ED8T20 Log Splitter is the one applying 8 tons of force with a powerful 2 HP electric motor for cutting the logs into two parts and even more at a time and also features easy push-button start which helps to start work as soon as possible without any time taken for starting up.
  2. Split logs up to 20 in length and 10.5 in diameter which is a good amount of log cut for firewoods instantly and without any human force included.
  3. This Boss Industrial ED8T20 has 2.5 cylinder bore which handles the pressure exerted for cutting the logs and gives an easy push to the log to get near the cutting clamp easily.
  4. This Boss Industrial splitter has 3000 psi hydraulic pressure for pushing even the toughest of wood logs for cutting them easily and swiftly.
  5. This Splitter has a Net Weight of 160 lbs which is mostly an ideal weight among all other log splitters of this kind.
  6. This splitter comes in a combination of red and black color which makes it looks more interesting and a treat to watch one.
  7. This splitter has a small height so that it can easily adjust while working in lower heightened sheds or garages.
  8. There are two tires attached and two clamps on the other side to maintain the balance of the machine while placing the wood on to it.
  9. This splitter has a cutter blade that can be added on to the regular one attached to cut the tough wooden log into four parts at a time at times when there is too much work to be done.
  10. This Boss splitter has specifications and caution mentioned on the tool so that one can easily read and understand the dos and don’ts of the tool.


This Boss Industrial ED8T20 Log Splitter comes with a powerful 2 HP electric motor for swift and easy cutting of the logs along with fast working. This Boss Log Splitter has got an accessory that is an extra clamp or cutting edge included which we can put on to the normal cutting one and the log can be divided into four parts at a time which other log splitters don’t have.

This splitter Split logs up to 20 in length and 10.5 in diameter which is quite a good amount of log cut at a time from this tool. This log splitter applies hydraulic pressure over the wooden log placed and pushes it with ease towards the cutting end.

This splitter with a small height can work best at places which are compact and also at one’s small room or little space. This Boss Industrial ED8T20 has a Net Weight of 160 pounds which makes it a bit lightweight other than some splitters of this kind and easy to use by any individual even alone.

This splitter helps the user to stay at a distance from the cutting work and also has cautions and warnings on the tool so that one can read and work accordingly not hurting oneself while working.



This splitter may be good in log splitting and also splitting the log into four parts at once but the company has to focus on quality control and even product testing as after updates the log splitter has not been without any flaws.


When one has to focus on more work performed at one time rather than putting the log twice on the tool one should go for this Boss Industrial ED8T20 Log Splitter.

3. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Log Splitter– Best for the Money


This Boss Industrial ES7T20 Log Splitter is an electrical splitter along with using the hydraulic power to push the log towards the cutter panel for converting to firewood. This log splitter has a motor attached with a high amount of power for in work to be delivered in a go for the people who have more burden of work to perform.

This splitter is said to be best for the price paid so it must be a budget log splitter for everyone who aims to own one but could not do that due to high prices.


This Boss Industrial ES7T20 log splitter has got a powerful electric motor of 2 HP for cutting the logs with all possible less human efforts involved. This splitter has a weight of 160 pounds which helps the user to move it from one place to another easily for work.

This splitter has a good structure with two-wheel for moving it and also two stands to support the log cutting process without any non-qualitative work performed. The wedge included is strong enough to handle the force applied by the hydraulic tube towards it while pushing the wooden log towards it.



This splitter has got the best structure and working ability with a powerful motor and also the wedge with the black and red color giving the machine perfect buy for the budget set.


This splitter is generally for use at a small scale level and not at a professional higher level.


If you have a low budget and still want to start log splitting you can use this tool as a beginner to your journey.

4. GOPLUS New 1500W 6 Ton Log Splitting Machine


This GOPLUS New 1500W 6 ton log splitting machine is said to be portable as its product dimensions are such that it can fit in any workplace. This log splitter has its unique structure helping it to dive into the market while other log splitters are also available.


Motor power: 1500W Max splitting force: 6Ton Motor no-load speed: 3450RPM Max cylinder travel:15.3(390mm) Diameter of cylinder: 2.3(60mm) Log capacity Diameter:1.9-9.8(50-250mm) Log length:14.5(370mm) Hydraulic oil capacity: 2.8 Litre Overall size:37.0×12.2&x18.1(LXWXH)


Product weight:

102.1lbs Package include: 1 x 1500w wood-log splitter


  1. This log splitter works with Max splitting force for Working efficiently with 1500W power.
  2. Reliability and safety are two basic advantages of this log splitter and also the material is durable and its stable construction and structure ensure long-term service with quality work.
  3. This GOPLUS New 1500W 6 ton log splitting machine is Fit for any place along with it being a wood-burning stove or fireplace. This one tool is Ideal for usage for both of your indoors and outdoors.
  4. Two big wheels and two comfort grip are provided for easy transport to any place and also strength during the cutting process. The built-in log cradle keeps logs on track.
  5. This company offers 100% risk-free satisfaction and also the guarantee to let you buy being confident. They are sure that this tool will deliver the logs as per your requirements and will not the company down.


The claim of long lifespan is not correct as this piece is said to work well at the start but after more load is put onto the same it works recklessly.


This product is good for people who perform log cutting work at their home without it being their sole work and profession.

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