2 Best Magnetic Drill – HOUGEN & JANCY Magnetic Drill Reviews

1: Hougen Magnetic Drill

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Hougen is the best company in the world. This is made up of all modern technology. It is a family-owned business, headquarters is located in Swartz Creek Michigan. It has 400 patents around the world.

The main principle of this company is “service, integrity, reliability”. A model is an HMD904 magnetic drill. It has a capacity of ½ x 2 inches. It is with the light pilot, magnet of two-stage with 30% of power motor when it is switched on. Slot drive for more accuracy. Ejection of slug positively.

A warranty of two years which is a most important feature because it reduces the cost at the time of any damage. A case for carrying a machine is also included. A gravity with a coolant system is also inbuild in a machine.

Handle with feed change easily. Many accessories are included in a portable machine are chucks, tapping, countersink, etc. It can be used in many ways. While operating a drill be careful, safety measures must be taken while operating a drill. This may help in doing work in a proper way and in a short period.


  • A capacity of 1- ½ – 2 inches.
  • It comes with a warranty of two years.
  • It provides a handle for carrying.
  • It includes many accessories for a portable drill-like chuck, tapping and countersinking.
  • 30% of power increases at the time when we switch on a machine.
  • It has an ejection of slug positively.
  • It has an inbuilt safety system with a lift detector.
  • It also provides housing.
  • Has an inbuild gravity of the coolant system.
  • Controls with the rear-mounted system.
  • It can be affordable by higher income level people.

2: Jancy Magnetic Drill

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A model is of any USA -101 magnetic drills which offer safety, versatility, dependability. It has a twist drill chuck with a tapping head for this machine. This machine is made in the USA.

This machine provides a warranty of one year, which is provided by a company. This can reduce the expenses at the time of any damage. The weight of this machine is 45 pounds. It requires a voltage of 120 v and 11.5 AMP. It has a horsepower of 1.75. The diameter is of 1- ½ inch and a cutting depth of 2 inches.

The speed of the machine is 450 RPM. Cable and a plug are 13 feet. The height of the machine is 15.8 mm, weight is 7.87mm, length of the machine is 9.25. it has a cooling gravity feed. It has a contact and a chip guard.

It is easy to guide and has an adjustment. It has handles to carry a machine easily from one place to another. This machine has high durability and the quality of this machine is also good. People have reviewed this machine 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. This machine performs work in a short period of time.


  • The weight of the machine is 45 pounds.
  • This machine is manufactured by the USA.
  • It provides a warranty of 1 year.
  • It requires a voltage of 120v.
  • 11.5 AMP.
  • It has a horsepower of 1.75.
  • The height is of 15.8MM.
  • The length is 9.25MM.
  • It has handles to carry a machine easily from one place to another.
  • Durability, quality of the machine is good.
  • It has a cooling gravity feed.
  • It has a chip guard.
  • 3.8 review out of 5 stars.

Magnetic Drill:

A magnetic drill is also known as mag drill. A mag drill is a machine tool equipped with a cutting tool used for drilling holes in the metal of various diameters and depths. The new generation of mag drills can also perform tapping, countersink, and remaining operations.

A mag drill is a portable type of drilling machine which is equipped with a powerful magnet. Due to magnet, a mag drill can also be used for drilling in horizontal and overhead situations. Mag drill generally uses a single-phase power supply, unlike conventional drilling machines.

There are many types of mag drills available in a market depending on its purpose such as lightweight magnetic drilling machine, cordless magnetic drilling machine, cross table base magnetic drilling machine, hydraulic magnetic drilling machine, etc.

A drilling machine uses a core drilling technology to drill holes which can be done with annular cutters. Core drilling is much faster than conventional twist drilling technology. These magnetic drills help in doing work in a short period of time. These mag drills are also been used in an olden day to put up the holes.

Even in a modern era, these mag drills are playing a wide role and the market value of these mag drills is also high. These drills help in doing work in an easy way. It does not require any manpower it is totally run by electricity. This can be used by those who have a bit of knowledge.

It makes it easy for people because there is no manpower. One must be careful while using this. If a person knows how to operate then he can use a machine. It must be installed with the help of a manual book. There are two different brands such as Hougen and Jancy.

These two brands play an important role in the drilling of holes. A house is the best mag drill to be because it is built with modern technology and comes with a warranty of two years. The market value of this mag drill is high. Jancy mag drill is based upon a USA company and the mag drill is also manufactured in the UK. One year of warranty.

If this mag drill comes with new technology then it would make its great market value. Rotabroach is a UK leading company. Which manufacture an annular cutter. It provides an annular cutter with high quality and with high standards of a magnetic drill. This mag drill comes with all the new modern technology to be alive in a market.

Where is a magnetic drill used?

  1. Steel fabrication.
  2. Building and construction. 
  3. Bridge rebuilding.
  4. Mining. 
  5. Shipbuilding. 
  6. Welding shops. 
  7. Power utilities. 
  8. Railroad Industries. 
  9. Maintenance facilities. 
  10. Mobile repair shops.
  11. Machinery riggers.

What is a magnetic drill press?

These magnetic drill press machines are short, compact, versatile tools and lightweight. It is considered as the best tool in some of the projects. This is used to cut a metal drill.

A mag drill is a metallic surface area that helps in doing work in an easy way. It must be used carefully so that no one can get harm by a machine.

Points To Be Considered While Buying A Magnetic Drill

There are some points that have to be considered while buying a magnetic drill:-

Choosing a drill plays an important role. We have three types of drills they are:-

  1. Handheld drills with or without cord
  2. Drill presses
  3. Magnetic base drills

At first, we must see the quality of the material by seeing that we must get an idea that this drill will have a long time or not. We must also see a diameter of the holes, even check the depth of the holes because we will get an idea that how much deep a magnetic drill gives a-holes.

After that, we just have to check the power of the drill. If the drill is powerful then it can drill any type of hard material. Next, we must check the speed of the machine. A drill must be speed but it must have a capacity to control a machine at a high speed.

In a portable cordless drill, there must be a proper voltage system.

Choosing a handheld drill:

These drills are common in the market. They can be handled easily and they are lightweight. These drills are of two types: –

  • Corded
  • Cordless

A corded drill is to be connected with a power supply. The power must be 500- 1300 watts. These drills are powerful that it can cut any type of hard material. A coded machine is heavier than a cordless machine.

A cordless drill is lighter and is easy to handle. These come with a guarantee. These required less power than a corded drill.

Choosing a drill press:

These are generally used in workshops. They are powerful. They have precise drills that make it easy to drill a-holes. The holes can be drilled up to 30MM diameter.

A drill press is of two types.

  • Bench drill
  • Stationery drills

Bench drills allow drilling small pieces of metal or wood. They must be placed on a work table.

Stationery drills must be placed on grounds. They are very powerful and can drill any material. There must be a distance between a table and a chuck.

We must have some experience while using this drill. We must buy a long handle drill so that it provides a proper grip while using a drill. It may also include a handwheel in some of the machines.

The presses may be of a single or three-phase motor. A three face motor is less heat compared to a single phase. We must be careful while using this drill. Use safety measures so that no one can harm them.

Choosing A Magnetic Base Drill:

These drills are used in construction sites or metal structures. These are not placed on the ground or bench. They must be placed on a metal surface. Choose a long handle drill so that it gives a long line and a grip while drilling.

Choosing A Drill Chuck:

This chuck is located at the end of the drill. It is an important, essential, and powerful part of the machine. A diameter of the chuck decides a drilling capacity.

A drill chuck is of three types:-

  1. Conventional drill chuck
  2. Self-tightening the chuck
  3. Slotted driven system chuck

A conventional drill chuck is a clamped for using a key. These are more powerful. The diameter is of 10MM-13MM. If the diameter is large then the capacity of drilling is also high.

Self-Tightening drills are best used in a workplace because these can be handled easily. It also has the same diameter as conventional drills. It is less powerful than an above drill.

The slotted drive system has grooves and a slot in the drill. It has a capacity of drilling a hard material. It can change a tool very easily and quickly.

Additional Features While Choosing A Drill

Some of the drills may be of angle drills. These are used only in corners of the house or room. A drill must have a disengaging mechanism because some times a drill may be jammed so a disengaging mechanism helps in separating. An expensive drill is a chuck drill and an angle drills.

What is a magnetic drill used for?

It is shortly known as mag drill. It is used for drilling a-holes in any type of material. It is a portable machine with powerful magnets which helps in keeping the holes in an easy and short period of time.

What is the best mag drill?

The best mag drill is Hougen because it is built with all the new modern technology and it provides a warranty for two years. It eliminates the expenses at the time of damage. This is the best brand machine to buy.

Can magnets be drilled?

Magnet neodymium cannot be drilled. Magnets other than this can be drilled in a machine. Ferrite and alnico can be drilled bur drilling a ferrite Is difficult as many ceramics.

What is Rotabroach?

Rotabroach is a UK leading company of designers and manufacturers of annular cutters. This company manufactures an annular cutter with high quality and provides a warranty for a product.

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