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MILWAUKEE 2783-20 (Milwaukee M18 Grinder or Milwaukee 4 1/2 Grinder)


Product Overview-

A marvelous Milwaukee grinder for abrasive cutting of metal which is the first Milwaukee Cordless Grinder & brakes the accessories in few seconds without any delay. The milwaukee m18 grinder fuel provides the angle grinder tool with the most efficient grinding, surface preparation & cutting at a perfect 90-degree angle by milwaukee 4 1/2 grinder.

The Milwaukee m18 grinder powered by 18V lithium battery has a thin crust body, easy to handle & anti-vibration. The Milwaukee grinder M18 is made up of the same material used in the body. The box contains 2 M-18 Red lithium battery packs & multi-voltage charger.

Specifications of Milwaukee Grinder M18:-

Warranty Five years
Battery warranty Three years
Tool Warranty Five years
Weight 2.7 Kg
Power Cordless
RPM 8500 rad/s
Length 15.25”

Pros of Milwaukee 18v Grinder:-

  1. The milwaukee 18v grinder has a 10x longer tool life
  2. Lower cost of ownership
  3. Four times increased run-time with 20% power
  4. Optimized performance with overload protection
  5. No wrench required for the adjustment of parts.

Cons of Milwaukee M18 Fuel Grinder:-

  1. There are no video techniques for changing of various grinding discs
  2. The sandpaper requires a backing wheel, not included with the product
  3. There are no varieties of the angle grinder tool
  4. The angle grinder tool kit takes a lot of storage space
  5. Service is not satisfactory

Conclusion For Milwaukee M18 Grinder:-

The Milwaukee 18v grinder gives users excellent handling with no tangling of chords. The attraction of the Milwaukee M18 fuel grinder is its advanced braking system which stops the accessories with the blinking of eyes making the best angle grinder tool among its competitors & also the lightweight & high durability allows the user to use it anytime anywhere without any difficulty.

We would recommend Milwaukee M18 Grinder as it provides the best features than any other angle grinder tool.

Milwaukee 6140-30 Angle Grinder:-


Product overview-

Another best Milwaukee 6140-30, the medium-sized best angle grinder provides excellent performance for large scale industrial users. The paddle switch is so comfortable to use at various positions.25 PERC epoxy motor extends the tool life & protects the copper wire from abrasion. The tool-free “BURST RESISTANT GUARD” allows users to adjust any part without using any tool.

The Milwaukee angle grinder takes 120V from the electric socket. The multi-port exhaust minimizes the motor burn reducing the hot air out of the angle grinder tool. The box contains pneumatic, Sanders & Grinders, Power Angle Grinders.


Warranty Five years
Battery included No
Weight 2.95 kg
Power Electric Powered
RPM 10000 rad/s
Dimensions 16.1 x 6.7 x 5.4 inches
Special features Heavy duty


  1. The Milwaukee 4 1/2 Grinder has a longer battery life
  2. Easy to handle
  3. The only grinder with tool free guard
  4. Milwaukee Grinder tool is durable
  5. Overload protection included for daily usage


  1. The tangling of chords makes the job a bit difficult
  2. Milwaukee 4 1/2 grinder produces irritating noises
  3. The angle grinder tool is not portable
  4. Utilizes a lot of storage space
  5. Service is not satisfactory


Milwaukee cordless angle grinder reviews are always good as usual!

Here comes another best medium-sized Milwaukee grinder to be bought. It takes a couple of minutes to change the brushes, rotors easily without any delay; the best feature is it is affordable & light in usage. The attraction of the grinder is “DEBRIS BAFFLES”, protecting the internal components by diverting the harmful debris out of the airflow at the inside vents. Small areas can use this type of angle grinder; it provides plenty of power, even cutting a steering damper.

A recommended product in the category of electric powered angle grinder tool, no other grinder would give a fierce competition to Milwaukee’s 6140-30 angle grinder tool.

Milwaukee 6147-30 Angle Grinder:-


Product Overview-

As we all know that Milwaukee has done a great job in manufacturing the various types of angle grinder tools. Here is the Milwaukee’s 6147-30 which is a small sized angle grinder & delivers up to 50% more power. The 1400 MWO motor supports the toughest job & is the perfect match for industrial users.

The Milwaukee angle grinder tool is electrically powered, which absorbs 120 V. The parts are compatible with several angle grinder & also has an adjustable handle. The motor life is improved by advanced airflow system which maximizes the airflow & does not allow the debris. The box contains side handle, spanner wrench & type 27 guard.


Warranty Five years
Battery included No
Tool Warranty Five years
Weight 3.7 kg
Power Corded
RPM 11000 rad/s
Dimensions 5.5 x 16.8 x 3.3 inches


  1. Maximized performance & durability
  2. The Angle grinder tool is providing airflow system
  3. It has a tool-free design
  4. Compatible with multiple grinders
  5. Takes less time for guard installations


  1. The switch is snaggy
  2. There are vibrations in the bearing
  3. Paddle handle is small to hold
  4. Milwaukee angle grinder tool is not portable
  5. Service is not satisfactory


A small sized Milwaukee’s 6147-30 is a tool used for robust industrial use. This Milwaukee Grinder also supports all types of grinders without any difficulties. The attraction towards the angle grinder tool is the advanced airflow system which increases the motor life & performance also it has the maximum RPM as compared to any other angle grinder tool which helps it to generate more power for cutting purpose.

It is highly recommending to those who have a large scale industrial work or needed a high power cutting tool.

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