Rocky Mountain Tumbler Reviews, 30 Ounce (Honest Reviews)


Travel mugs are great for a refreshing drink whenever you need it. Can your travel mug be placed in boiling water and come out with frozen ice cubes? Get blasted by a flamethrower and still contain a cool refreshing drink or stand in a block of ice for hours and still serve piping hot coffee? Rocky Mountain tumbler the large capacity travel mug that keeps your hot drinks piping hot and your cold drinks ice-cold no matter how hot or cold the weather is the Rocky Mountain tumbler will make sure your drinks keep your refreshingly cool or keep you nice and warm. Rocky Mountain tumbler holds approximately a liter of liquid and the tapered design means it fits virtually any cup holder.

Traditional travel mugs can drip and compensate, which means your cold drink won’t stay cool for longer. The Rocky Mountains double-wall vacuuming insulation keeps your drinks hot for up to 12 hours and refreshingly cool for up to 24 hours. Its kitchen-grade stainless steel construction means there’s no metallic taste and the anti-condensation design stays dry for a non-slip grip with a clear lid and watertight seal that prevents any accidental spills perfect for a hot day of hiking bike rides camping long drives and more make sure your drink stays piping hot or refreshingly cool when you’re on the go with Rocky Mountain tumbler.

The Rocky Mountain tumbler can because it’s designed to keep your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours no matter how hot today with a Rocky Mountain tumbler your cold refreshing drink is always right at hand even if you leave your cool smoothie in the hot car all day when you return it’s still nice and cold and totally refreshing. Rocky Mountain tumblers hold a whopping 30 ounces but it’s tapered design fits any cup holder. Single wall tumblers sweat and drip which means your cold drink is getting warm but the Rocky Mountains double-wall vacuum insulation traps the cold inside and keeps it there.

While experimenting we filled two tumblers with ice and 24 hours later the Rocky Mountain tumbler is still frozen but the regular tumbler nothing left but warm water plus, the rocky mountain also keeps hot beverages piping hot for up to 12 hours Laur even after hours in this solid block of ice the coffee we experimented is piping hot and ready to enjoy kitchen great stainless steel means no metallic taste and the sweat-free design. It stays dry for a non-slip grip with a clear lid and, watertight seal for no spills perfect for a hot day of hiking or biking or a cold day of outdoor adventure Rocky Mountain tumbler keeps cold drinks colder up to 24 hours and hot drinks hotter for up to 12 hours.

You cannot put it in the dishwasher and you cannot put it in the freezer and you definitely don’t want to put it in the microwave it’s made in China of,18:8 stainless steel and it holds 30, ounces of liquid. It would be very helpful for anyone who is planning for a picnic or long outings.

Rocky Mountain Tumblr is a very impressive and useful product for home, school or office. It will be useful in winter as well as summer. Thus, everyone should have one as it is a convenient and useful product and that to not much expensive.

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