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Onco Support is the best formula to help address the needs of oncology, patient, whether they are receiving chemotherapy or not. It uses a very flavorful base of powdered lecithin, powder nutritional yeast, and, powdered kelp powder. The combination of these three powders has a very good, flavor which makes it quite appealing to most dogs and cats when mixed in with, their food. It also provides a lot of the nutrients that they may be losing, through their cancer or through chemotherapy. It contains the medical, mushroom Agaricus Blazie, which is the subject of many studies in Asia, supportive of the cancer patient. In fact, many of those studies in Asia use the Agaricus concurrently with chemotherapy. It also contains l-glutamine which has been found to be very helpful for oral mucositis associated with radiation of, the head and neck. It also can help with the intestinal mucositis that we, get secondary to chemotherapy administration.



The Onco Support also contains several plant-based antioxidants such as green tea. It also has substantial levels of Silymarin. Silymarin being the extract of, the milk thistle plant. Silymarin has been found to have potent, antioxidant properties, but also has been found to actually have apoptotic properties.,It actually has antineoplastic action as, well as being found to be cancer-chemo preventive as well. Green tea is, probably one of the most widely studied and widely used antioxidants in the world and has also been found not to interfere with chemotherapy. It contains fairly low levels of some of the pharmaceutical antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Sodium Ascorbate, and Selenium as well.

Rx Vitamins were created with the mission to design nutraceutical formulas that your blends of herbs and vitamins and minerals to specifically address conditions in the veterinary patient, formulated by a veterinarian and sold, exclusively to the veterinarian so they can then use these to augment their, clinical practice. A lot of consumers are very interested in their own health and achieve their own health through the use of supplements and diet and exercise of course, and as our pets have become more our four-legged family members

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They want to convey these same benefits that they themselves have been experiencing from these supplements to their beloved family members they get to be certain that they’re using a product that has the highest quality control, has the highest potency, and is backed up by a veterinarian who has tested these formulas and has found that they work safely without interfering with drug therapies. Rx Vitamins has created a line of products that far exceed the standards of products that are available in the consumer marketplace.

They have higher quality, they have higher potency, and the formulations themselves are more successful and their ability to help. This is why we feel that there is a return value to Rx Vitamins and for you as the consumer, to go to your veterinarian, who also can, who also is the best expert when it comes to advising you as far as the health care of your animal.

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Vets are always asking what kind of quality control goes into our products and it starts when we’re researching our raw materials and anytime, you’re sourcing raw material from a raw material manufacturer, they have to supply you with what we call certificates of analyses. That’s where anyone starts. When we’re looking for the raw materials, they start by looking at the certificates of analysis to assess the purity of that ingredient and the degree hopefully zero, of contamination as well.

Once we’ve located the raw material that meets our specifications and it’s blended together into the formula. The manufacturer then does what we call a post-production certificate of analysis, and the post-production certificate of analysis, they analyze it for all these ingredients that we’ve put in it to assure us that they are all they’ve all been included at the rate that we had intended. It also does a microbiological assay to make sure there’s no microbial contamination of the formula and we also do an assay of the entire formula to make sure it hasn’t picked up any kind of toxic residues or heavy metals during the manufacturing process. So, this is the guarantee to you that, products have the highest quality control going in them and coming out of them.

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For Vegetarians

As a veterinarian practicing in Colorado since 1982, I watched the changes with the passage of medical marijuana bill, had many clients that would come into me with patients, with their animals that they had given some of their own medical marijuana to, who had done well with it. This really got my curiosity, and although I understand that medical marijuana and THC are out of balance for veterinarians to prescribe, it’s actually illegal for us to do that, Hemp which is a legally mandated to be grown by federal legislation in over 30 states in the country has very low levels of THC and is not considered to be a controlled substance.

So, for that reason, I thought it would be good to put into the hands of veterinarians a high-quality Hemp formula that would be, that would have high potency levels of all of the very medicinally beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in the Hemp. This Hemp is grown in Colorado. I went all around the state looking at various Hemp grows to see which crops had the best genetics to them and talk to the scientists at various farms to find out what their extraction technology was and I found in Colorado what I think is probably the best source of Hemp. Not just in Colorado but in the entire country. It’s got well over ten terpenes in it including substantial levels of linalool, has a very nice delicate floral taste and has 15 milligrams of phytocannabinoids in every milliliter and half a milligram in each drop of the HempRx.

Most animals will tolerate and accept this very bland, kind of floral-tasting liquid fairly easily. But for those that won’t accept it that well and for those that prefer to take it as a treat, we now have HempRx Chewz and we have them both in a doggy size, which contains three milligrams of phytocannabinoids per chew. We also have it in a kitty cat, which are these cute little hearts that contain one milligram of phytocannabinoids. These are very popular, they’re very well-tolerated, and it’s another easy way for you to give your pet its daily Hemp.

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