Spartan BS-02 30-Pieces Screwdriver Kit (Review 2020))

Spartan BS-02 30-Pieces Screwdriver Kit

Screwdriver KitThis is the scale 30 pieces ratcheting screwdriver kit but the street price is around 450 rupees these are the contents of the box so there is a ratcheting screwdriver kit in socket adopter a precision bread adopter then eight positions cadre of bits 13 screwdriver bits and six now six sockets, so the total adds up to thirty pieces and details, are given below.

The ratcheting screwdriver kit socket adopter and these are the details of the bits that are included eight precision bits Phillips Phillips bits slotted bits and Torx bits then these are the screwdriver bits Phillips slotted head Stoke and Posey then the 1/4 inch sockets so let us go ahead and 30 pieces.

Ratcheting screwdriver kit and husky is a house brand of home depot in the USA exactly the same model and here it is marketed as skilled so this is the box I bought this for 450 rupees so this is inside the box we totally have 30 pieces these are the eight precision bits then we have 13 plus the 13.

The screwdriver kit then this one is a socket a doctor and this is the precision bit adopter that six sockets and the handle so these totally are 30 pieces let us have a look at the precision bits this is a 2mm slotted bit so before that this is the handle.

There are three positions this is the first position second third this position is for tightening than the second position it works as a regular screwdriver kit there is no ratcheting action then the third position is to Logan so to use the precision bit we have to use the precision bit adapter.

Screwdriver Kit

This is magnetic and the action is good the power is good but this one it does not have doesn’t seem to have enough power it is very mild comes out very easily this one is very mind there is a lot of play in the bits you can see the play I don’t think this kind of play is acceptable for a precision screwdriver there is play in this there is a slight playing this as well.

So combined when we are using it as a screwdriver there is a lot of play and this one is new so it is a bit tight now but after some use, there may be it may develop some play here as well so check out that play Hammacher then these thirteen these six bits and these seven bits and these six bits are the screwdriver bits they don’t need an adapter.

They directly go into the handle this has played but this is the this is acceptable because this is a normal screwdriver and since there is no adopted we are not using any adapter the place minimum so this is acceptable but one issue I see is that the handle is er that the bit itself is very small and there is no extension included.

So the screwdriver itself is very small so reaching deep places will be difficult and even for using it normally we may not have enough grip on this it is very small the total height is 5 inches maybe a few millimeters more but it is almost exactly 5 inches.

This one is the small cut extension again the same thing since we are using an adapter there is again a lot of play you can notice again this also is not very sturdy and comes out very easily there is hardly any tension up there you if you look at the handle field study this part is metal and this one and this sub hard plastic and the red part is a soft rubbery material.

The ratcheting action is smooth in the middle it is like a regular screwdriver again dodge the base of the box feels good but the cover itself is the cover feels flimsy it may easily break there is a locking mechanism on the cover this is available at around 450 rupees and I do not think this is worth that kind of money

At all for the bits so this is these are my cheap ones for precision stuff maybe non-magnetized bits are more preferred but for regular use, I’d prefer to have some magnetism at least the screwdriver bit should have been magnetized but that is missing anyway.

That’s the scale 30 pieces ratcheting screwdriver set again these are the position bits the screwdriver bits sockets the precision bit adopter and a socket adapter in the case cover and finally you can have a look at the size of the bits included.

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