How To Use Seal Tape Correctly Sealing Pipe Thread- Guide

How to use Thread Seal Tape Correctly?

Thread seal tape is known as PTFE Tape Plumber tape, Teflon Tape PTFE means Polytetrafluoroethylene commonly used in plumbing for sealing pipe thread.

In order to uses this Thread Seal Tape, you need to go grab a little bit of pipe. When you’re applying Thread Seal Tape tape just remember you always want to apply it clockwise to the direction that you’re or to the direction that it’s facing you and that’ll keep your tape from bunching up on you and messing up your seal.

You need not to just do it in the wrong way so we need to turn it counter-clockwise and you’ll see real quick what happens so once you start to thread this nipple on this also goes in the same direction.

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Once you put the tape on you can see the tape is starting to bunch up and kind of lift and that’s going to have a big impact on the sealability of this because it’s just not going to be able to seal so if you were to do your Thread Seal Tape in the appropriate direction.

If you take our Thread Seal Tape and apply it in the appropriate direction and to start at the top of the thread and work my way down so. You just need to first overlap the first pass and then go about a half down. You need to do a good two to three wraps you pull off and push overlooks real nice.

When you thread the nipple in you don’t get or thread the cap on rather or a nipple. You’re gonna want to take your pipe wrench and wrench that down really tightly and pressurize the system and check for leaks and if you do find a little bit of a drip typically you can just hit it with your wrench a little bit farther you don’t turn it just a little farther to get that drip to seal up if the drip is persistent pull it off Reeth a pit and then put the fitting on again one thing to keep in mind when you are applying Thread Seal Tape.

High Density (0.8cm3) PTFE

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Malaysian PTFE Thread Seal Tape TOMBOZ is the coveted brand for PTFE Thread Seal Tapes. It is mostly used by plumbers for General Water Plumbing applications. Housed in a convenient spool and cap, TOMBOZ is easy to use and the quality is consistent in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 standards.

Directions For Use

  • Place the end of TOMBOZ PTFE Thread Seal Tape on pipe thread 1/8″ (3mm) from the end of the pipe.
  • Wrap the tape around pipe stretching slightly to pull tape into thread.
  • Slight overlap on the starting turn.
  • Cover to all threads and pull hard to tear the tape.
  • Assemble a joint.


If you will is only apply the tape up to about the first thread it’s going to make it a lot easier for you to put your whatever fitting you’re connecting to for the threads to engage and you’re less likely to have this fitting get bound up in regards to using Thread Seal Tape anytime you’ve got threads it’s a great idea you just want to avoid compression fittings things like hoses anywhere you’ve got an o-ring or a gasket that’s creating a seal an example of some of those fittings can be found.

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