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Top 5 Tower Fans – Best For You | Reviews

1. Honeywell hyf 290 B Tower Fans

honeywell tower fans
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the Honeywell hyf 290 B is one of the best options that you can find on the market if you’re looking for a tower fan that combines an attractive look and highly effective yet quiet performance from a design perspective the hyf 290 B features a compact black construction with a circular control panel at the top with touch buttons while at the middle there are the vents that will release a quality airflow throughout your home in addition the control panel consists of five buttons so you can find a button for adjusting the light in five options starting from 100% 75 50 25 0% or to turn them completely off the other four is the auto shutoff timer that will let you set the time when should the fan turn of itself or to be more precise you can choose between one to eight hours which is quite good moving on there is also a turn off button and oscillation button and all of the buttons are placed below.

the display that will inform you about everything if you feel that you will get bored from adjusting the controls manually then you shouldn’t worry either due to the fact that this unit comes with a remote controller so you can adjust everything with a single tap of your fingers but now let’s talk about the performance the Honeywell hyf 290 B can output a great airflow that can be easily felt by everyone that is in your room since the manufacturer claims that their purpose was to create a tower fan for a room not for the entire house so take this information into consideration but what grabbed my attention the most is that this unit has eight different control levels of which you can take an advantage in order to adjust the cooling performance according to your preferences which isn’t very common with other towers in this price range who have mostly three speeds before we end I’d like to inform you that you can leave it to operate during the night because it barely produces any noise so it won’t distract you from sleeping which is always welcome to conclude the Honeywell hyf 290 B is a really good option and if you ever decide to purchase it you will assure of its potential in quality

2. seville classics ultra slimline tower fan

the seville classics ultra slim line is a real bang for the buck because for the money you pay you will receive oscillating tower fan and a 17 inch oscillating personal tower fan in return where each of them will play a huge role in the cooling process from a design perspective the 40 inch tower fan has a stylish construction that is finished with dark grey and grey while at the bottom you will see a circular base that will keep the fans steady and fixed in place during the performance at the top there is a circular control panel that is composed of three ultra-quiet fan speeds such as low medium and high as well as an automatic shutoff timer that can be adjusted from 1 to 4 hours so will be saved from paying large amount of money for electricity bills I’d also want to inform you that in the box you can also find a remote controller that has 15 feet of range and at the top there is an LCD display that will output information of your adjustments in a vivid manner there are buttons.

As well so you wouldn’t have to stand and click on the tower but instead you can lay on your couch and just click on the remote on the other side the 17 inch tower fan is surely a great addition because you can combine each of them for different purposes and get your room cooled effectively the design of the smaller tower fan is similar to the 40 inch one since the only place where it differs is that the grilles are black while on the 40 inch they’re light gray now let’s talk about the features the 40-inch tower does a really effective job during the air circulating performance due to the fact that it rotates in 75 degrees so the output will be sufficient to cool your entire room moreover you can always rely on the fan speeds so you can select each of them depending on your preferences in a particular moment whether you seek more or less so you won’t have any issues regarding the performance overall the Seville classics ultra slim line is worthy of considering because it gives a great value for the cost next stop at

3. vornado 184 Tower fans

vornado 184 Tower fans
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the vornado 184 is one of the best and most purchased tower fans on the market due to the fact that it looks elegant and it performs exceptionally well while maintaining power efficient so you can’t simply go wrong if you ever choose it from a design perspective the Vornado 184 comes in different sizes starting from 29 inches 30 to 37 and the 41 inch which we are currently reviewing and all of them share the same sleek construction but differ at the performance the 41 inch has a modern construction that is mostly dark gray so if we start from the bottom you will immediately notice that the whole tower is supported by a circular stand and as we are moving upwards the body is divided into two sections so one part is with dark gray grilles while the other is with light gray and at the top there is the control panel that has multi purposes or to be more precise the first purpose is to hold the included remote control so you can always reach it and also know where you’ve previously placed it while the second one is to let you choose from the four speed settings as well to choose between one two four or eight hours of the timer with the intention to equip you with a great control over the device but now let’s talk about the performance.

the vornado 184 is powered by an exceptionally powerful motor that produces an air movement of up to 500 cubic feet per minute and at the same time it pushes the air up to 100 feet so medium and large rooms can be completely cooled within a really short period of time moreover this unit uses the V flow circulation technology which means that the air will be rapidly moved across the entire room while keeping quiet during this process in my opinion this is really good due to the fact that no one wants to be distracted by the annoying sound that some tower fans produce so with this one you won’t feel those stuff to conclude I strongly recommend you consider the Vornado 184 as your next purchase because it can drastically improve the air circulation so every place of your room will get the optimal level of cooling moving

4. dyson amo 7 Tower Fans

the dyson amo 7 is a premium tower fan that packs 10 airflow settings with an extremely powerful airflow so let’s get quickly into action and find out why this unit is a must-have from a design perspective the dyson amo 7 features an attractive black nickel design that is followed by a circular stand and a metallic swivel at the top that makes it looks the saurons eye from the Lord of the Rings and I have to admit that Dyson has done a really good job in crafting such a good looking device however this tower fan comes in other two color additions such as an iron blue and a white silver so you can choose the one that suits you the best and take in mind that each of them differs only in the cost when you open the box you will also find a remote controller that has a magnetic storage feature so you can always place the remote on the top of the fan which means that you wouldn’t have to search for the remote control that we are often losing somewhere in the room now.

let’s talk about the features by using the remote control you will be given an opportunity to choose from the 10 different speeds but if we take this aside you will also be able to set the timer to automatically shut off fan in 15 30 45 minutes hourly or 9 hours in advance which is very convenient another great thing about this tower is that it doesn’t have any blades so you shouldn’t worry about yourself and your loved ones from getting injured which I really like though the unit uses the air multiplier technology which basically means that this tower fan will create a powerful stream of airflow that will cover a great portion of your room and at the same time it will keep really quiet so you shouldn’t worry about anything just take in mind that you should clean it from time to time so it won’t capture dust and become loud overall if you’re looking for a highly effective and secure tower fan that worse every money spent then the Dyson 7:00 a.m. is the one for you

5. Dyson pure hot cool Tower Fans

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the Dyson pure hot cool is a three functional tower fan that has three purposes the first is to serve as an air purifier the second is to produce a heat during the winter and the third is to create a powerful airflow during the summer so if you seek for such a device then without a doubt this would be your top choice from a design perspective the Dyson pure hot cool is available in two different editions such as blue and white that we are currently reviewing so regardless of your choice they are unique in their own way and perform absolutely the same this unit was crafted using an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

which is kind of a thermoplastic that is extremely durable so even if you’ve been using for years you won’t find any noticeable difference in its original look moreover you can control this device in three ways the first is with the included remote controller the second is by downloading the smart app since this unit is Wi-Fi enabled and the second is by your speech which is awesome due to the fact that this model works with Alexa but now let’s talk about the performance the dyson hot cool is powered by a brushless motor that can produce 33% more output with the intention to be equally and highly effective regardless of your intention whether you want it to purify your home cool or heat you this device uses a 360-degree glass.

HEPA filter that does a very good job in the process of capturing the harmful particles such as pet dander pollen or dust from the air so both you and your loved ones would never deal with health problems moving on according to those who purchased this unit the dyson hot cool can produce a multiplied air of over 10 meters in range which is quite good since every part of your room will be covered to conclude the Dyson pure hot cool isn’t the most affordable device that you can find on market but it definitely justifies its price tag so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.

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