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Who would have ever thought that in, today’s time and age that vinyl flooring, would be the fastest-growing category? You think of Grandma’s, house and our old linoleum when you are, a kid but the product that we’re going to, talk about today is LBP, and that stands for luxury vinyl plank, and as mentioned it is the fastest-growing category of all forest.

It’s durable and waterproof and those are two great advantages. What I, like about vinyl flooring is that it’s, perfect for residential use and for, commercial uses. With the technology, that’s used in today’s final flooring, the looks are amazing it’s really hard, to distinguish vinyl floors compared to, real hardwood floors.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

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For an elevated style that can handle, everyday life inside your home vinyl plank flooring sets the new standard for, greatness and luxury vinyl flooring in, fact it’s a completely new revolutionary, class of flooring that, combines, the strength and rich visual of real, hardwood with the gorgeous style, durability and cleanability of luxury, vinyl tile or laminate it’s a totally, unique product with an amazing set of, attributes modern fashion-forward color, selections, and sophisticated textures, allow homeowners to create bold, innovative floors and unforgettable, rooms wider planks and extreme low, frequency pattern repetition gives that them an extremely natural hardwood, visual these gorgeous collections, provide tremendous design potential for, a touch of class and enhanced elegance, anywhere you choose that’s right. They are engineered to perform in any room from kitchens to living rooms, to mudrooms.

You’ll see superior engineering that gives vinly planks the impressive ability to be easy, installed at all angles for quick and professional results every time, featuring Yoona click multi-fit, technology. This advanced locking system also creates an incredible lock between, planks so spills stay on the surface for, easy clean. What does this mean for active homes, with kids and pets it means that vinly plank floors are waterproof and odor-free. It’s a perfect, solution throughout the entire home with, a thick dense rigid construction.

Vinly planks look and feel just like real, hardwood. They are 50% denser than average composite cork flooring so your, new floor will not Telegraph any visual, imperfections of the underlying surface. Incredibly durable and inherently stain, resistant vinly planks resists, scratches scuffs and indentation and, maintains dimensional stability under, heat and extreme temperature change.

Now vinyl plank flooring is separated, into three main categories:

1)  You have glue,

2)  You have clip Bock,

3)  And you have, floating the glue down and click lock,

Those are what represent the, majority of the vinyl plank. So, glue down is exactly what you actually, glue the floor down to you to the subfloor clip lock it clicks together, like a laminate and as a floating floor, and then the floating. Vinyl plank is exactly a floating bottle. The floating floors are usually a, a lot thicker and heavier because they’re set, using gravity to stay in place, where obviously the glue down uses glue to stay in place and click lock is clicked together. It’s, kind of a cool bill it’s just printed, paper, that looks like wood and then on top of, that is going to be layer and, that’s all adhered together with it. With the heated press to make a very durable, floor a couple of things to keep in mind, about vinyl floors is the overall, thickness the overall thickness is going, to be measured in millimeters, starting with a two-millimeter glue down all the way up to a five millimeter floating,

Lock floor is about a four millimeter and on, floating floors it’s always going to be 5 millimeters because it needs the extra, dense to state to the floor. Going back, to the glue down floors most common is a, 2 millimeters but you will find some 3-millimeter floors in commercial applications so that’s the overall thickness of the flooring.

Now the next, component of it is the where layer and, this is really one of the most important parts of the floor because it’s where you’re going to get your durability from, the wear layer is measured in mils, a mill is a thousandth of an inch. With a basic glue down I’ll start about, a six mil wear layer which is a, residential wear layer and go all the way up to a 20 mil wear layer which is a, commercial application so depending on your traffic patterns you definitely need to take in consideration. The missed mil is just fine for residential but, you can’t go wrong with a higher milkweed layer. It just means it’s going to, be a more durable floor now once you, start talking about commercial applications. You want to be at least at12 mills in the wear layer and ideally, about 20.


1) They are durable and waterproof

2) They are the standard for greatness and luxury

3) They are designed for all types of floors


1) They cannot be repaired

2) They aren’t eco-friendly

3) They cannot be reused

Our Verdict:

It’s a product, like none other and you will fall in, love with both its striking beauty and, performance. So, when you’re searching for the perfect, floor for your next project be sure to, consider vinyl plank this is not the old-school linoleum from granny’s house, this is a technologically advanced, product it’s not only versatile and, durable and that’s why we really like, this product category.

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