Which Is Best Thermostat: Nest Vs Ecobee4 (Review)

First Advantage Of Nest

Nest offers is that it’s a Learning Thermostat once installed nest will learn your daily habits and preferences and set up a schedule for you based on what it’s learned it’s called its auto-schedule feature basically the thermostat will program itself so you don’t have to for example say you normally get up around 6 a.m. and for a few days straight you turn the temp to 78 degrees while you’re getting ready for work and eating breakfast Nessus will take note of this.

And then automatically start heating up your home to your desired temper you wake up it’s pretty cool with the Eco b4 and most other smart thermostats, on the other hand, you’ll have to create an approximate your own weekly schedule for the thermostat to follow of course Ness gives you the option to create your own schedule as well if you want next nest wins on price yes technically they both have the same MSRP of $249 but the nest has been out longer and thus we regularly see more discounts.

Also better and just more seamless with nest this is something that Assam proved with its third-gen model now instead of relying strictly on the sensors in the actual thermostat it’s based on the location of your phone so if your phone’s at home it’ll stay in a home mode or if you and your phone leave it’ll turn to eco mode to conserve energy with eco B.

you can set up geofencing but there’s just a lot more friction involved and really those are the three major advantages the rest are kind of just minor points and features for example with nest you have time to temp feature where it basically just estimates how long it will take the system to reach your desired temperature nest also has a rechargeable battery the eco before does not so if your power does go out once it’s restored the nest.

Ecobee 4: Aditional Remort Sensor

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Is that it has Amazon’s Alexa built right in so it has a speaker and as a microphone and it can do most of what Amazon Alexa will do for you so you can have it change the temperature you can have it tell you about the weather play music all of that stuff think of an amazon echo or echo dot it’s got that built-in although.

It does have a few limitations you can’t do an echo to echo calling you can’t pair it with other echo devices for multi-room audio and you can’t change that wake word from Alexa so you can’t change it to echo or Amazon also it doesn’t have Amazon’s ESP feature so if you have this device and then you have another echo device that’s not too far away.

If you give Alexa a command you will hear her answer with both of them which is a little bit annoying but still really nice to have this built right into the thermostat super convenient to have on top of that the speaker just isn’t very good because it’s a tiny speaker but I’m sure you expected that of this thermostat it’s still really awesome to have it though.

Another thing with the eco beat is that you have a detached secondary sensor that you can put in another room so let’s say you have a room that gets particularly hot or cool but you’ve got the temperature gauge over in another room or in the hallway you can have it read that second sensor and find an average temperature for your house I think that’s really cool and if you have a big house like Matt Ross the boss,

you can get plenty of other sensors so you can monitor the entire house now although ecobee4 obviously has deep integration with Amazon Alexa nest also works with Amazon Alexa so if you have an echo dot you can control that thermostat using your Amazon echo dot the one thing is that ecobee works with more third-party sensors and accessories and devices.

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